How to Reset Windows 10 Password (Best & Free Method)

Nowadays, everybody keeps a password on their computer or laptop to keep their important data secure. But in the world of this internet, we sometimes forget the password and therefore…

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lock cells in excel

How to Lock cells in Excel Sheet (5-Easy Steps)

In this article, we learn about how you can lock cells in excel sheet. Excel is considered to be very useful. Through this, we do many things, such as storing…

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how to transfer photos from pc to iphone

How to Transfer Photos From pc to iPhone

In this article, I am sharing that how to transfer photos from pc to iPhone. You can’t exchange data like photos, videos, music or any other data with iPhone devices from…

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block website in chrome

How to Block Websites in Chrome [Easy Method]

Why do you need to block websites in Chrome browser? What is the use of this? Your children may use your computer regularly and you want to protect your child…

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reset gmail password

Reset Gmail Password: Best Way to Reset Gmail Password

All of us use email today, at a time when everybody used to send email using computer and laptop. So all of us used to check email every day or…

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bypass google account

How to Unlock Samsung FRP Lock | Bypass Google Account

If you are using Samsung mobile phone or any other android phone and your device are also locked and your phone is asking for Google verification but you don’t remember…

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hide photo

How to Hide Photo, Video and Files Without Any App

Today, I’ll tell you how can you hide photos or files without the help of any app or the third-party app. And whenever you need these photos and videos, you…

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Install android oreo

Install Android Oreo On Any Android Phone

Android oreo is the latest version of Android. So in this article, we will learn about how to install android oreo 8.1 version on the android phone. Now if your…

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How to Browse Internet Anonymously

How to Browse Internet Anonymously In this article, we will learn how you can browse the Internet anonymously. If you are going to take a break on a holiday, then…

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font changer

Font Changer: How to Change Font in Any Android?

Nowadays font changer is required for who want to change the font on his phone. Our Android phones have pre-installed fonts, but it does not necessarily mean that everyone likes the same fonts….

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