how to delete email account

How To Delete Email Account – Step-By-Step

In this article, I will talk about how to delete Email account. As you know, the email is Google’s own messaging service with the help of which we can send…

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how to delete LinkedIn Account

How to Delete LinkedIn Account From Computer and Mobile

In this article, I will learn how to delete LinkedIn¬†Account in just a few steps. Linkedin is a very popular social networking site whose worldwide user is 200 million. It…

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How to Leave Facebook Group

How to Leave Facebook Group From Computer and Mobile(Best Method)

Do you want to know how to leave facebook group? So for this, you can read this article to the last. I will tell you in this article both computer…

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what is firmware

What is Firmware?Application, Differences, Security and Warning Signs

Maybe a lot of people have heard of firmware and they must be thinking that what is Firmware? So in today’s article, I will tell you what is Firmware? What…

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what is root

What is Root? Pros & Cons of Rooting Mobile Phone

What is Root? Have you ever heard of Root of Mobile Phone? In this article,¬†we learn about what is root and Pros and Cons of the root. We all know…

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save from net

Save From Net: Best and Fastest Youtube Video Download site

In this article, I’ll review about Save from Net website and also tell you the different method that how you can download videos from YouTube as well as with other…

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what is call forwarding

What is Call Forwarding? Divert your Call When you are in Busy or Unreachable

In today’s time, everyone has a mobile phone. But not all people know about their given features. Within the mobile, there are some settings or features that most people do…

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what is call barring

What is Call Barring? How to Use Call Barring on Your Phone

In this article, I’ll discuss what is call barring? So, Are you bothered by unusable phone calls? Or is your friend or someone else who bothers you by calling a…

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How to Reset Windows 10 Password (Best & Free Method)

Nowadays, everybody keeps a password on their computer or laptop to keep their important data secure. But in the world of this internet, we sometimes forget the password and therefore…

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computer virus

Computer Virus: Different Types of Computer Viruses and Its Effect

Today, everybody is a computer-savvy. People who use computers, they must have heard the name of a computer virus once or twice. But what are those computer viruses? What are…

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