5 Basics and Useful Command Prompt Tricks That You Should Know

If you also use computers or laptops in your life, then in such a way, you will sometimes have to use the command prompt. So in this article, I will tell you 5 amazing and basics command prompt tricks which will be very helpful for you.

If you are a computer science student and you use your computer every day or you have an interest in hacking, then, in this case, you must know some basics command prompt tricks.

1. ipConfig


If you want to know the address of your computer or someone else’s computer, then you can easily find this address with the help of ipConfig. So you have to press in the keyboard of your computer Window + R. After that, you have to enter cmd text in the search box. After you have prompted your command, you have to type ‘ipConfig’ and then press the Enter button.

command prompt tricks

When you press Enter, the IP address you have on your computer will be shown there. So you saw how easily you can know the IP address of any computer with the help of 1 command prompt tricks.

2. mkdir

Now the next command prompt tricks are that it is the mkdir. As you create folders on your computer, you can create similar folders in the command prompt.

For this, you have to open the command prompt in your computer. And if you want to make your folder in the desktop of your computer, then you have to type below command,

cd desktop

mkdir trendinwire

So in this way, you can easily create any folder in your computer with the help of this command.

3. Tasklist

If you want to know in your computer what applications are currently running or in running mode, then you can easily know it with the help of Task Manager command.

command prompt tricks

So for this, you have to open the command prompt in your computer and type it in the tasklist and click on Enter. As soon as you enter, the applications that are running on your computer will be displayed there.

4. Type

With this help, you can easily read any text document file in command prompt. This means that if you want any text document file to be displayed in the command prompt then you can do this with the help of type command.

For this, if your text document is in the desktop then you have to type the command,

cd desktop

type file1.txt

As soon as you click on Enter, the content inside the document will start showing in your command prompt. This is a very good trick that let you easily read any password protection document.

5. Color

Often you should have seen that whenever you type anything in your command prompt, that text is in the color of that color. But if you want to change the color of the text in another color, then you can easily do this with the help of type command.

command prompt tricks

So first of all, you have to write in your command prompt as if you want the text to appear in the color red, then it must be written first.

Color red

As soon as you press the Enter button, after that, you will see all the colors with the color code. After that, if you want to change the text in the color then you have to write it.

Color  2

So now you might have understood how you can easily change the text of the command with the help of just 1 simple command.

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