In this article, we will look some of the top free and important best apple watch apps for your smartwatch. And all these apps will enhance your overall user experience with it. We have everything from an easy calculator that will let you calculate small maths problem right on your watch to an amazing music app that will you surely love it. This best apple watch apps article will surely help you to find awesome apps. So without any further useless discussion let’s get started.

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1. Flipboardbest apple watch app

Starting with a very familiar Flipboard. This is already a very best and useful app for iPhone that brings the latest news and article on your phone and now it’s on your Apple watch too.

Just launch the app on your phone and according to the topics, you have followed you will get the headline directly on your watch that means you can swipe left or right to browse through the articles and use the digital crown or slide to read the content.

So, guys, I think this will be the great app for your apple smartwatch as you can check all the news and updates right from your watch.

2. Dictionary

best apple watch apps

The second one is the dictionary. With this app, you can find word meanings using your voice input. Just tap search on your Apple watch and dictate the word. You have the word meaning and you can force touch between definitions and synonyms.

best apple watch apps

Also, you can go through your favorites recent and word of the day which is good for improving your vocabulary. So a great app that can come very handy at times.

3.Yahoo Weather

best apple watch apps

Next is Yahoo Weather. This is also already the best weather app for iPhone. As it gives a detailed information on the weather and now it’s the same with the apple watch. Here you have the weather info on your current location and you can swipe left to view the weather info on other saved locations.

best apple watch apps

You can use your digital crown or scroll to see other pieces of information like humidity, wind pressure and so on.

4. Shazam

best apple watch apps

Next one here is the Shazam. With this app, you can quickly identify the songs that are playing around you. As we all know Shazam app is well known for it. Just launch the Shazam app on your phone and just tap on to the icon and it will start the identifying the music playing around you.

Once done it shows the details about the song identified. Also, you can see the lyrics and by that song right from the app itself.

5. Calculator

best apple watch apps

The next one is the Calculator. This app lets you perform the simple calculation from your smartwatch. Here you have these options to clear, add, subtract, multiply and divide. Lower below you will get additional like adding, bracket, percentage and so on. You swipe right for history and swipe left to bring up the tips calculator.

This app may not be as useful as the calculator on your phone and may not perform as well but I am sure it can come in very handy when performing simple calculations quickly.

6. iTranslate

best apple watch apps

The next one here is the iTranslate. With this app, you can easily translate words into different languages. Simply choose the language that you want to translate tap the mic icon it dictate your word instantly.

Over there it will show the translation and other recommendations as well. It’s quite handy as you can quickly translate languages right on your apple watch.

7. Djay2

The next one is the Djay2. This app is not free.This is the best music app for your apple watch. You can control the iPhone Djay2 app right from your watch. Here you have deck 1.

best apple watch apps

You can tap there from the list to add songs to that deck. When you load the song on your watch it will loads on your iPhone as well. You can swipe left to go to the mixer and there you can control the playbacks, volume as well sync the tracks.

Swiping left again will bring up the deck2. On your decks you can control the playback and swipe down will bring up these options to loop and add different effects to your tracks. So, guys, this might not be a great way to control your Djay2 app but it certainly provides a great functionality as you can perform a lot of tasks from the watch itself.

8. Wunderlist

The last but not the least is the Wunderlist. This is a great app to create listings or say to-do lists. Here you will find different tiles in an inbox. Today start and assign listing. Below that, you have your items like groceries and movies where it shows all the listing made from your iPhone.

best apple watch apps

Once an item is done you can just check to dismiss that item. From your phone, you can create new listings and to-do lists as well as contact other people’s that says for example if you are out for shopping and your mom wants to bring certain items she can do that right from this app. So I think this will be a very handy application for your Apple watch.


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