5 Best and Amazing Computer Shortcuts for Every Computer User

computer shortcuts

Do you consider yourself a computer expert? Do you know everything about computers? Or are you still studying in school or college about computers? If you like to know about computers, then I would like to know about some of these 10 computer shortcuts, or even say computer tricks that you need to know. All these 10 computer shortcuts can be very useful if you know about it.

5 Best and Amazing Computer Shortcuts or Tricks

1. Change Your Computer Password within a Second

What do you do to change your computer’s password? For that, you will go to your computer or laptop system, and then after switching to the control panel, you will be able to change your password in the user account. Am I right?

But if I tell you that can you change your computer’s password without going through the old password or without going to the control panel, then you probably can not. But it is easy to do this and it can be called a kind of computer shortcuts, with the help of which you can easily change the password of your computer without knowing the old password.

So first of all, you have to go to the search option of your computer and search the command prompt there. As soon as you get a command prompt, then right-click in the command prompt and run as Administrator.

After the command prompt opens, you have to type the net user in command and press enter button. Now you will be able to list a list of the names of your account in your computer. Now, type net user and account username together and leave one space and again write your new password.

After writing net user, account name and your new password together, press enter button. After pressing of entering button, you will see a new line that is “The command completed successfully”.

2. Open Task Manager

Which way do you use to open Task Manager in your computer? For this, you adopt 2 ways. First, you will find the Task Manager in the search section by pressing the button of Windows on your computer’s keyboard. Second, if you press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete buttons together in your keyboard then the Task Manager will open. So this is a little Langhi process.

So except for all these methods, you can open Task Manager by pressing a shortcut button. For this, you have to press Ctrl+Shift+Esc button together in your keyboard.

computer shortcuts

As soon as you press these three buttons together, the Task Manager will open directly to your computer system.

So here you can make your impression on your friends, family or wherever you work by adopting this computer shortcuts or tricks. So people will know about you that you know a lot about computers.

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3. Block Website

If you are still studying computer or want to be an expert in a computer, it is very important to know how you are blocking the website on the computer. Now the website can be any kind of website here. Many people use website blocking software or extensions present in Google. But here I will tell you the computer shortcuts how can you prevent any website from accessing it on your computer.

So for blocking of any particular website, you have to open run mode. After the opening of run mode, enter %windir%\system32\drivers\etc and

computer shortcuts

Now you will see a host file in front of you. After that, open the host file with Notepad. Now you have to type a local address on the below of that host file. The local address should be like this >> www.facebook.com <<. If you would like to block any other website then just enter the domain name of the website just after the local address and save that file.

Now if anyone tries to open that website then no one can open those websites. Now if you need to unblock that website, just go to the same host file and delete the local address and domain which you enter and again save.

4. Encrypting Files and Folders

If you feel that someone copying the file inside your computer works incorrectly, then you can encrypt that file. When you encrypt that file, that file will not open in another computer. It will be open only in your own computer and nowhere else.

computer shortcuts

For this, select the folder that you want to encrypt and right-click on the properties and click on the properties. Now you will get an advance button. Click on that advanced button and enable encrypted contents to secure data.

After this, now anyone will try to open that file in another computer, then the file will not open. This will save your data.

5. Hide Your Computer Folder or Files

Many times your computer contains some files or folders that you do not want to show to anyone else. Due to less computer information, you can not hide that folder and someone else knows that folder.

But I’m going to tell you computer shortcuts that lets you hide any files or folders in just a few seconds.

computer shortcuts

For this, you need to select the file or folder you want to hide and then right-click on the properties. After going to the properties you get an option that is hidden. Enable that warning checkbox.

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