How to Block Websites in Chrome [Easy Method]

block website in chrome

Why do you need to block websites in Chrome browser? What is the use of this? Your children may use your computer regularly and you want to protect your child from the bad website. So that they can not open a bad website. And it can also be that you have been spending a lot of time on a website yourself and you are trying to stay away from the website, at the time of work or study. In this way, you can also check your own internet habit on your Chrome browser.

So let’s see how you can easily block any website by using your Google Chrome.

For blocking any website you will need a very popular extension which is called Site Blocker. You have to need to add it to your Google Chrome.

Steps to Add Extension on Your Google Chrome Browser

  1. Open your chrome browser
  2. Go to the 3 doted sign on the top corner of your Google Chrome
  3. click on More Tools
  4. And click on Extension
  5. Go to Get more extension
  6. Go to search bar and enter the site block
  7. Click on add to chrome and add the extension

Now that site blocker extension will be associated with your Chrome browser. You will also see an alert message “Site Blocker has been added to chrome“. When you click on that extension symbol another a small site blocker window will pop-up. Now just click on all blocked sites. When you click on all blocked sites then you will redirect to site blocker website.


block websites in chrome

Follow Below Instructions to Block Websites in Chrome

Now here you can add website which wants to block. Suppose you have to block Facebook,  then you have to insert Facebook’s URL in the box and then click on the add button. You can block multiple sites at a time. For this just insert the websites URL in the box and continue clicking the add button. All website will be added to the block list. After inserting the website you have to click on save changes.

block websites in chrome When you open these websites which you have inserted for the block, you will see a message called “This site is Block“.

block websites in chrome

Now there will be many people who don’t want to show blocked tab on their computer. Now if you want to do this then you easily do it by changing one setting. This will happen when you or any unknown person will try to open these websites then it will get closed automatically and the blocked message will not show again on any another tab on your browser. By doing this setting, nobody will know that this website has been blocked by somebody.

So to do this setting, you only need to open the site blocker’s extension. When you open that site blocker extension down towards the bottom, there will be an off/on button.

block websites in chrome

So just move that button to off to on. After doing this small changes, the blocked message will no longer available in another tab. That will get remove until you will not turn on that button.


Add Password For Extra Security

You can also place a password on this Chrome extension so that if someone else wants to delete these blocked Websites then they will not be able to do it.

Let’s see how to do it.

Go to site blocker extension and click on the set password. After clicking on set password put your favorite password in the set password box and click on save changes button. You get it done!

block websites in chrome block websites in chrome

Now if anybody wants to remove these blocked sites which you are later done, then they wouldn’t be able to do it without the password. First, they have to enter the password and then they can make changes. If they don’t know your password they can’t do it anything. So it is an additional benefit for block websites in chrome.

Note: You can also hide this extension on your chrome browser. If you want to do it then go to your chrome menu and simply just click on the site blocker extension and again press the right button on your mouse.block websites in chrome

After that, you will get a small window. On that window click on “Hide in Chrome Menu”. The extension will no longer available on your chrome menu. Doing this will not make anyone aware that you are using an extension to block sites.

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Unblock Your blocked websites

Now if you want to remove blocked websites which you’re later get done it then you can easily do it. so let’s see how you can to do it.

block websites in chrome

First, go to the site blocker extension and you can see the cross sign on the line of URL which you’re put for blocking and click on save changes. When you click on that cross sign and make save changes the sites will get removed.


So that’s the method to block websites in chrome. This site blocker extension is awesome to use. The features of this are extremely very good. I personally used this for blocking any website.

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