How to Browse Internet Anonymously

In this article, we will learn how you can browse the Internet anonymously. If you are going to take a break on a holiday, then we do all the research on the flight tickets, hotels or the different place. If any new people meet, we first find them on the internet about the week so that we can get more information. Every day, how many searches we do on the internet. But you have ever thought that your profile is created with all the search queries and search terms and the search engines know everything about you and do not hide anything from you about them.

Now they collect all the data and browsing history, and later they are given the same information to the advertiser so that the same advertiser can sell you some products related to your profile and earn money. Even if you do not buy anything, then your data is still very useful for the advertiser.

Now here it is fine. But it is not necessary that we want to leave the trail of everything. After all, privacy is also something. In this case, what to do if you want to browse the Internet anonymously? Here I will tell you about two such search engines with the help of which you can browse internet anonymously.

Two Famous Anonymously Search Engine

1. Duck Duck Go

Browse Internet Anonymously


The first search engine is Duck Duck Go. This search engine started in 2008. The special thing about this search engine is that none of your personal information is collected and shared with anyone. In 2016, this search engine had more than 4 billion searches.

Browse Internet Anonymously

Nowadays, many governments are keeping an eye on their own citizens and gathering information about them. In this way, these search engines are becoming very popular. You can search its anonymously by taking Chrome extension directly from Chrome browser.

When you search any information in the search engine of Duck Duck Go, it does not track any of your history or information and will not keep any records of it. You can also search anonymously by browsing the browser directly with its Chrome extension.

2. Start Page

Browse Internet Anonymously

The second is the Start Page. The start page does not record your IP address and does not use unique cookies. There are many websites that leave the cookies on your device. Many advertising companies also track you on different websites. But this is not a problem from the start page. Here you see Google’s search too, but your data is not shared with Google.

Browse Internet Anonymously

Nowadays privacy has become a big issue. The European Union has also given warnings to several major websites that they can use the user and educate what data is being gathered about them. If you are concerned about your privacy and do not want to be tracked and do not want to leave your data trail then these two search engines can be very useful to you.


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