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If you are using Samsung mobile phone or any other android phone and your device are also locked and your phone is asking for Google verification but you don’t remember the google account and password. So in this article, I’ll show how you can easily bypass your Google account verification. For this, read the full article until the end.

What is FRP Lock

bypass google account

Before we started tutorial on how to bypass Google account, you should know how your phone gets the lock with Google verification. You must have seen that most of the phones in Samsung or any other Android phones with Android version Lollipop or above will get FRP lock.  The Factory Reset Protection (FRP) will secure your android mobile which is used to increase security which means no one can access your phone without a password even if they format your phone.

But sometimes this feature is really annoying for those who forget their email id and password which is used on their android phone. This problem occurs when you format your android phone.

If you have email id and password which was used in your mobile then you can easily unlock your mobile using email password but if you don’t remember email id and password then you can’t access your phone. So you have to bypass google account verification.

So I’ll show you step by step procedure that how to bypass google account verification of any mobile.

 Requirements for bypass Google Account Verification

Before we start tutorial you need

  • Pendrive: No matter how much Gb will be, it does not matter.
  • OTG Cable: To unlock the phone you will need an OTG cable which is easily available in the Amazon.
  • Computer/Laptop: A computer or laptop will need to download and copy apps. Or else you can also use another Android phone.
  • Internet connection: You will need the internet to download an app.

If you have these 4 things then you can easily bypass your Google account verification. Now let’s start the tutorial on how you can bypass google account verification of any mobile which supports OTG cable.

Steps For Bypass Google Account

  • First of all, you have to download an app called Bypass Any Samsung Google account lock and copy it to your Pendrive.
  • Now switch On the phone which is locked and connect OTG cable to the charging slot and add Pendrive with OTG cable.
  • After connecting Pendrive, your phone will open the File Manager. After that, to open the downloaded app, i.e. to install. If it is not being installed, then click on the Unknown Source and then after the install, open it.
  • After opening it will automatically open the settings window. Now you have to format your phone after going into settings.
  • After that, you have to go Backup and reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset device.

After doing this, your phone will be reset and it will be restarted again. Now, you have to set up your phone as we do when taking a new phone. And when we set up, you will not get any kind of Google Account verification. This means that now your Factory Reset Protection (FRP) has been unlocked on your phone.


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