computer shortcuts

5 Best and Amazing Computer Shortcuts for Every Computer User

Do you consider yourself a computer expert? Do you know everything about computers? Or are you still studying in school or college about computers? If you like to know about…

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5 Basics and Useful Command Prompt Tricks That You Should Know

If you also use computers or laptops in your life, then in such a way, you will sometimes have to use the command prompt. So in this article, I will…

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how to speed up laptop

How to Speed Up Laptop or Computer Performance: 5 Best and Powerful Tips

Is your laptop’s speed too low? Do you want to increase the speed of your laptop? Are you looking for how to speed up Laptop? So don’t worry, you have…

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How to Reset Windows 10 Password (Best & Free Method)

Nowadays, everybody keeps a password on their computer or laptop to keep their important data secure. But in the world of this internet, we sometimes forget the password and therefore…

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computer virus

Computer Virus: Different Types of Computer Viruses and Its Effect

Today, everybody is a computer-savvy. People who use computers, they must have heard the name of a computer virus once or twice. But what are those computer viruses? What are…

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