Computer Virus: Different Types of Computer Viruses and Its Effect

computer virus

Today, everybody is a computer-savvy. People who use computers, they must have heard the name of a computer virus once or twice. But what are those computer viruses? What are the effects of coming to our computer? And how many types are they? All this will not be known. So today, with the help of this article, I will try to tell you that what is a computer virus and what are its effects and how many types are there?

So, before knowing what is a computer virus, let’s see what is virus first,

What is a virus?

computer virus

The virus is a malicious full program that damages the computer’s data. This computer performs the task of erasing or deleting the data. The virus is a deliberate program written. It adds itself to the boot of the computer and the number of times the computer bits as much as the virus bits. The virus slows down its speed by reaching the hard disk’s boot. The virus associated with any program remains active as long as the program is run. When the virus remains active, it combines itself into the computer’s memory and starts spreading.

There may be several reasons for the virus to spread viruses. Infected floppy disks, or Pendrive, is helpful in spreading the virus. Viruses spread through computers, by email, games, internet, file too.

What is Computer Virus?

A computer virus is a small software program that works for the deletion of your computer system’s operation and the computer’s data loss or damage. Its main task is to slow down your computer or harm the files or data contained in it.

computer virus

Computer viruses can spoil the computer system without our knowledge in such a way that it is difficult for a person to recover. The computer runs through a lot of software programs. Computers without a program can not work Software programs are designed to make the computer work properly. While some programs are designed to spoil the computer’s work which we can call computer virus.

We all know that the computer has been invented by the person. Therefore, the computer has created its program to run the computer. The computer virus is not natural. They are not created by themselves, they also make by programmers so that they can spoil the other computer.

Effects of Computer Virus

  • Computer viruses can corrupt any of the imported data or files present on your computer.
  • It can also corrupt your system files, due to which your window may crash. And then later it has the only one solution that you may have to format your computer and may have to install a new window.
  • The virus also works to slow down your phone or computer as well as doing computer cracking.
  • The most dangerous virus effect is that it can damage your boot sector, which will cause problems in booting. And once your boot sector gets damaged, it also puts the problem in your computer formatting and it becomes very difficult to recover the computer.

Types of Computer Virus

1. Boot Sector Virus

These types of viruses are stored in the floppy and hard disk’s boot sector. When we start the computer system, this virus interferes with the loading of the operating system of the computer. But if somehow the computer starts working, then the virus starts interrupting any other computer of that computer.

2. Direct Action Virus

Direct Action Virus is a virus that never comes into your computer system alone. It just logs in to your computer system via a file (.exe and). When someone extracts or open these files, it quickly spreads to your computers. But the Direct Action Virus does not delete any files present in your computer, it can only the ability to corrupt the files.

3. Resident Virus

The resident virus is a very different type of virus. The way to do this is quite different from others. This is a very dangerous variety of viruses. It installs itself on the computer. This is even more dangerous than the direct action virus.

After installation is done, Resident Virus divides itself into two parts named Fast Infectors and Slow Infectors. The work of fast¬†infectors is to damage the data to the computer system as quickly as possible. On in other ends, the slow infectors are very difficult to identify. It’s also hard to recognize by any antivirus.

4. Multipartite Virus

This computer virus spreads in your computer system quickly and through different directions. This works to harm your boot sector and as well as executable files. If you have cleaned or formatted your computer and if this virus is accidentally left in your computer’s boot sector, then it is generated very quickly again.

That’s why this virus is quite dangerous as the rest of the virus and spreads very quickly.

5. Polymorphic Virus

This virus is slightly less dangerous than any other virus. Detecting this virus becomes very difficult for any antivirus program. Antivirus takes about weeks or months to detect anyone polymorphic virus.

6. Overwrite Virus

This computer virus also does not cause any special damage to any files. But this can also be a very disappointing virus. It can delete any content present in your file. The only way to remove this virus is by deleting those files. It can be in any one file or it can also be present in the entire software.

7. Spacefiller Virus

Spacefiller virus is also known as Cavity Virus. It is a virus that comes with files but does not delete any kind of content on your computer or even do nothing to crack. This virus works as a filling to the entire space in your computer. It increases and spreads itself in empty spaces so that your hard disk is full and crashes.

These viruses can be dangerous to say that it can damage your hard disk. But it does not delete any kind of content, nor does any corrupt.

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