5 Best and Cool Gmail Tricks That Will Make You Smart Gmail User

gmail tricks

Gmail is a very popular electronic mailing service by Google. But do you know that there are so many Gmail tricks inside Gmail that can help you become a Pro Gmail user? Yes! In this article, I’m about to tell you some of the 5 great Gmail tricks that will surprise you and think that all these Gmail tricks would have told me first. These 5 features will be of great help to you and will save you time.

5 Best and Cool Gmail Tricks That Will Make You Smart Gmail User

1. Move to Lable/Tab

There are several labels or categories in your email account such as Primary, Social, Promotion, Updates, and Forms. Different types of mail are coming in accordance with their own category wise. But if you want to move a particular email to a particular category, you can do this easily.

gmail tricks

For this, you need to transfer the mail to which category you want to see in that particular category. As if you have comes emails from Amazon to the Social category and you want that email to come in the primary category, then you can do this with the help of drag and drop of that emails.

You can also do this by another method. For this, right click on the email that you want to transfer on your particular category.

gmail tricks

After clicking the right button of your mouse, you will get a “Move to Tab” button. Just click on that and after clicking you will find three another option. Whatever option you want to send that email to, and in the future also want to see that email in the same category, then you have to select that category from there.

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2. Gmail Undo Send

Gmail Undo Send is another a great and cool Gmail Tricks. Sometimes we are sending emails to someone else and that email gets sent to somebody else by mistake. Such mistakes always happen to somebody. But Gmail has a feature that can undo the emails sent by mistake. So let’s see how you can do this.

  • Go to settings of your Gmail account.gmail tricks
  • Now go to General Tab.
  • Scroll down and you will see Undo Send. Just enable that and Select maximum 30 second time.gmail tricks
  • Now click on Save Changes button.

After doing this, now you can Undo email which is sent by mistake.

3. Mail Forward

The third Gmail tricks are Mail Forward. If you want your incoming emails to come in any other Gmail account, you can easily do this by mail forward. So let’s learn how you can use this feature of Gmail.

  • Open the Gmail setting.
  • Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

gmail tricks

  • Below you will see a forwarding option. Ahead of that option, you will see a button, Just click on that.
  • After that, you will be asked to add a forwarding email address.
  • Enter email and click on Next button. You will be asked for confirmation in another small window. On that window just click on Proceed button.

gmail tricks

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4. Preview Pane

Preview Pane is very important and cool Gmail tricks. Often whenever you open your emails to read, you have to open each of the emails in turn. But once you enable features of the preview pane, you will not need to open all the emails instantly.

This feature creates a preview of right next to your email list so that you can easily understand what data is there without opening any email. It will save a lot of time of yours. So let’s learn how you can use this feature in your Gmail account.

  • Go to your Gmail Account Setting.
  • Now click on the Labs section.

gmail tricks

  • Scroll down and you will be a see a Preview Pane option. Just enable it.

After enabling it, your account will get refresh and reopened. Now on the right side of your Gmail account, you will see a new option get added to the menu section which is called Preview Pane. After clicking on that section, you will be able to see three more option in which you have to select verticle view for the better view.

gmail tricks

5. Gmail Shortcut

The last Gmail tricks are Gmail Shortcuts. All of you must use the mouse to send an email to anyone. But with the help of this Gmail trick, I will tell you how to send the emails without touching the mouse. Along with emailing, I will also tell you that how you can do more works, such as reply to an email, forwarding emails, email search, opening and deleting emails, etc. without touching mouse.

All these works will be done by touching the keyboard only. Guy’s, Gmail has disabled this feature automatically. We have to enable this feature by going to gmail settings. So enabling of this feature, you have to do first,

  • Go to your Gmail Settings.
  • Now go to the General tab.

gmail tricks

  • Scroll down and you will see a Keyboard shortcut option there. Just on that feature.
  • After enabling, click on save changes button by going to below.

Now your keyboard shortcut feature gets enabled. Now, I am providing you the list with the help of which you will understand which key is used for which work under this keyboard shortcut.

  1. C – Compose of new email.
  2. Ctrl+ Enter – Send email.
  3. R – Reply emails.
  4. F – Forward emails.
  5. / – Search emails.
  6. V – Open “Move to” menu.
  7. # – Delete emails
  8. Ctrl+K – Insert a link.
  9. Z – Undo the last Action
  10. ? – Open Keyboard Shortcuts Help.


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