7 Best and Free Alternative To Fmovies

If you don’t know about Fmovies, then let me tell you that in this site you can stream movies and web series with high quality for free of cost. Here you can watch the latest videos as well as old movies. Also, you don’t have to pay any money for watching the latest movies.

But sometimes Fmovies website gets disappear from the internet, and people can’t be able to watch their favorite movies. In that case, people start finding some alternative site like Fmovies on the internet. So, in this post, I am going to list out some best alternative website like Fmovies. These all sites have nearly the same feature and services. You don’t have to spend any money here. Also not required for registration for watching movies.

I hope this list helps you to find out the best option of Fmovies. Below I will make a table and put the link of all website. So you don’t have to go any other place to find the real URL of the site. You can directly visit those website URL by clicking on the table.

Table of Fmovies Alternative Website URL


1. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is a website that I always want to prefer as the first alternative of any movie streaming site. So for Fmovies alternative list, also Yesmovies is my first choice. This site has excellent features and browsing experience. Yesmovies uses a very light and good looking theme for its users.

In Yesmovies site, you will feel like a premium site. But you don’t have to pay any single money for using it. Yesmovies offers their users a huge number of movies and tv shows from different countries like India, USA, UK, etc.

Now, if I talk about advertisements, then this site use a very minimum amount ads to their website. When you click on play button, only that time you will get a redirect in some site, but most of the time you will not get frustrated because of ads. So, this is my favourite alternative to Fmovies, and I am damn sure that you will also like it.

2. Solarmovie

Solarmovie is a website where you can stream all movies in HD as well as free of cost. It is a viral website, and its provide all types movies and web series across all the country. So, if you’re looking another best sites like Fmovies, then Solarmovie is here.

Because this website never charges you any money for watching your favourite web series or videos. This website uses very simple and easy to use the theme. So you will not get confused while browsing its site. Solarmovie website menu is well organized where you can watch movies such as comedy, drama, thriller, romance, etc., and search functionality is also very beautifully designed.

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3. 123movies

123movies is also a very fantastic option for Fmovies lover. The theme and designed are nearly the same as Fmovies and Solarmovie. You can stream movies and web series completely for free. You also don’t have to pay money here — no registration required for watching movies in high quality.

Movies and web series in the 123movies are well categorised. You can watch from different countries like USA, India, UK, Australia, etc. So if you’re looking for another best option for Fmovies then visit once to 123movies.

4. Putlocker.kz

Putlocker is the best alternative to Fmovies as well as Putlocker. Putlocker.kz is a mirror site which is launch in 2018. You can access a vast number of tv shows and movies. You can also access popular and latest videos for absolutely free. People don’t have to spend any money on watching any movies here.

I used this site for streaming my favourite movies over here. Because I always love to stream movies in HD only. So this site provides me with the facility for watching movies in very high quality. You can also view your videos in different formats like 1080P, HD, SD, etc.

You will don’t get frustrated while browsing this site. When you click any movies, videos will get opened without any pop-up ads. So I think, in the free service, you have a very best option as compared to Fmovies. But, for accessing all these free services, you only have to do work is; you will ask for registration for watching movies in HD format. So Putlocker.kz is the number one option of Fmovies.

5. Putlocker.cafe

Putlocker.cafe is nearly the same as Putlocker.kz. So if you’re finding the site like putlocker.kz or Fmovies, then Putlocker.cafe will be the best option for you. Features and functionality of this site are also the same as Putlocker.kz. You don’t have to pay any money here for watching movies and web series.

Some ads can bother you because this site uses ads and when you click on the play button of any videos ads will start to the next tab. So be sure to use adblocker before playing any video here.

6. PutlockerHD. cc

PutlockerHD.cc is another good option for Fmovies viewers. This site has well-organized categories where you can easily access your favourite moves and TV shows. Fmovies viewers can also watch movies and tv shows such as thriller, drama, action, romance, war, mystery, crime, etc.

PutlockerHD.cc will not charge any penny for watching movies and tv shows. It will also not ask you for any registration process for streaming videos. That’s the reason, PutlockerHD site is viral among Fmovies lovers. You can find movies in categories like Genre, Top IMDb, and films.

But one thing will annoy you, and that is its ads. Yes! This site use advertisement when you click on the play button. So if you don’t want to get frustrated because of ads, you must have to use adblocker on your computer or mobile phone. After using of adblocker, you can enjoy here like Fmovies.

7. GoMoviesHD

If you’re a true lover of Fmovies and you’re a finding an alternate of it, then you should checkout GoMoviesHD for once. GoMoviesHD offers their user for streaming movies and TV Shows online for completely free. GoMoviesHD will not charge any money from you. The user can watch their favourite movies and tv shows from different countries like USA, UK, Australia, and India.

The site has an excellent design and you feel like a premium website functionality. Fantastic search functionality and when you click on any movies thumbnail, you will get the synopsis of those movies or tv shows.

But sorry to say that GoMovies also want you to go through signup procedure for streaming movies and tv shows for high quality. It is necessary to register your account here. So if you’re looking for a better alternative to Fmovies then this site will not disappoint you.


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