Today, I’ll tell you how can you hide photos or files without the help of any app or the third-party app. And whenever you need these photos and videos, you can get it in one click without any hassles. The most important thing in this folder lock tutorial is that you will not need to install any kind of app and nor will it be necessary to install any kind of software on your laptop or computer.

I will tell this tutorial on my phone. If you want you can do it on your laptop or computer in the same way.

Let me tell you guys, whatever data you want to lock or hide, you will not need any kind of software to hide for your any type of particular data.

Steps to Lock or Hide Photo or Videos

  • First of all, you have to open your file manager.

folder lock    folder lock

As we know that our phone has 2 types of storage, internal storage, and external storage. In our internal storage, any of our data is stored in the phone’s memory and an external memory, we store our data by using another memory separately.

Now if you have to lock any data or hide photos such as audio, pdf’s or videos, then I will refer you to the data that you want to lock, move that data into the external storage so that whenever you reboot your machine or master reset If you want to do it, you can easily restore that data. If you use the internal storage to lock your data, then maybe you can lose the data whenever you reset your phone.

  •  Next, Just tap on the three dotted line of the upper side and click on Create a New Folder.

folder lock folder lock folder lock

Now it’s a turn that name the folder. Friends, the name of the folder is that you have to keep that person if you see that folder, then it seems that there will be nothing special in this folder. Seeing the name of the meaning, it ignores that folder. By the way, it will not be able to open your file in any way. Simply doing this increases the security of your file.

  • After naming the folder name, just press ok or save and go back to the main menu.folder lock

Now here you have to do is that whatever data or file you want to do hide or lock just move that data to the folder where you created a new folder before it.

Now your required file has arrived in your new folder. After this, you have to be careful that you have seen that the photos which have the extension are in .jpg. And the video file has an extension in. .Mp4, .3gp, .mov etc.

  • So you have to do the thing that you have to select the file you want to hide or lock and click on the 3 dots given above and click on the Rename option.
  • Now change the extension of that folder to your own name and click on ok button.

Now if anyone takes your phone and tries to open your folder then it will come to write a message that “Unable to open the file. No application available“.That is, it can not open this file in any way.

So friends, in this way you can lock any file, such as Photos, Videos, Audios or PDFs, with any of your files like this, without the help of any application. But it’s necessary to type your name by changing its extension. And whenever you need that data, you can get it by only single click. This folder lock trick is very rarely on the internet.

Steps to Unlock or Unhide Your Data or File

To unlock or unhide photo or data, just change the file to the same extension as the previous extension. For example, if that file was in the video then it changed to .Mp4 and if that file was in the photo then do it in the .jpg.

The biggest thing you need to remember is that the file that you have changed its extension in which format was it. As if the file was in audio, then it would be necessary to remember that it was in the audio file. These unlock times are necessary. Otherwise, this file will not be open to you, nor will any files that you do with any software help you to open the file again. So remember that file format. Either make a separate photos folder for photos of them and make a videos folder for videos and use this trick.

So, I hope this folder lock tricks will help you a lot to lock your personal data on phone and computer. If you like this post then, must share with others who want the same things.


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