Font Changer: How to Change Font in Any Android?

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Nowadays font changer is required for who want to change the font on his phone. Our Android phones have pre-installed fonts, but it does not necessarily mean that everyone likes the same fonts. Some people like to keep the beautiful fonts while keeping their personalities or styles senses while the rudeness is important for the rest of the people i.e. easy read fonts are more important.

Let’s start with how to change the fonts on any Android Phone

Steps to change Fonts on Your Android Phone

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  1. Go to the setting of your Android phone and click on the Display and Wallpaper.
  2. After that, you have to go with Font section in display and wallpaper
  3. In Font section, there are two more option is available which named as Font style and Font size
  4. When you click on font style then one more pop-up will open and will say to select the font which you want.

In that pop-up, you will see which fonts your phone is already installed.

How to Installed New Font changer on the Android phone


iFont is an app that lets you easily change the font of your Android. But before that, it was the one cons that it used to work only in the Devices of Samsung. But now the developers of the iFont have cleared that they will now be supported on all Android Devices.

Click to download iFont App: Download Font

  • First, download the iFont (Expert of Fonts) app through below given link.
  • you will see that lots of languages are present in it. You can also install different language fonts here. So just tap on the font name that you want to install.
  • When you click on the particular language font just tap on the download button. You will also see a preview of the font.
  • Now tap the set button. When you click on the Set button, that font will default
  • It will appear on your android font list immediately.


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