Gmail Mail Merge: Send 100 Emails at Once Time Seperately

gmail mail merge

Friends, all of you people use Gmail every day and send email to anyone. But whenever you have to send email to more people, it is very difficult. But to overcome this difficulty, you can use Gmail Mail Merge.

Suppose if you have to send an email to almost 100 people separately and together, you can easily do this with the help of Gmail Mail Merge. So please read every step carefully of this article to know this trick.

Important Benefits of Using Gmail Mail Merge

  1. With the help Gmail mail merge, you can send mail up to 100 email at once time separately on free service.
  2. You can track emails i.e when your email opened and when your emails are clicked by your receiver.
  3. Quick and fast service.
  4. Easy to use.

Send 100 Emails at Once Time with the Help of Gmail Mail Merge

1. Make a Draft E-mail

gmail mail merge

Make the first email that you want to send to make a draft of all the people. Write your email in that draft and also write the subject of that email that it is in a subject. You do not have to put anything in the Recipients box. Just write the email and the subject of that email and make a draft.

After writing an email to your drafts, if you want to send that email to different people then you have to write the names of the respects. But you have to write a code in place of the name. Code means you have to write << Name >> and if you also want to add surname then you can write code as <<Surname>> on Google Sheet column.

And now save it in the draft.

2. Open Google Docs in New Tab and Click on Google Sheets

gmail mail merge

 To send email to 100 people at once, you will need to get help from Google Docs. Yes! You can send 50-100 people easily and with the help of Gmail Mail Merge, you can send emails without any hassle.

So after creating a draft of the email, you have to search Google Docs in a new tab and have to open it. After opening it has a Google Sheet option, click on it to open it. There you will see a Blank Sheet option, which will have a plus symbol, open it.

3. Click on Add-ons and Add ‘Yet Another Mail Merge’

gmail mail merge

After you open Google Sheet, you have to click on the option of an add-on option in the menu section above. After clicking on that, you have to click on the get add-ons. After clicking, you a new window will open in front of you which you have to search for ‘Yet Another Mail Merge’ and then clicking on the ok button.

After that, you have to give permission from your email that has created your email draft. After this, your ‘Yet Another Mail Merge‘ will be successfully added.

4. Enter Data on Google Sheet and Click on Send

gmail mail merge

After adding of Yet Another Mail Merge, a blank google sheet will be in front of you. Now you have 2 columns in which you have to enter the name in the first one you want to send. Keep in mind that the name is case sensitive only. And then you have to enter all the email addresses in the second column. You can add 100 emails in that column. Now after that, you have to click on the add-on again and after that, you have to click on Start Mail Merge.

gmail mail merge

After that, a new window will open where you will be asked to select some paid plans. If you want to send email to more people, you can buy their paid service. But if you want to use free services, you just have to click on the button of the Continue.

gmail mail merge

Now, when you click on Continuation, a window will appear in which you have to enter the sender name and then select the email template. Here the email template means the number of drafts in your email account will show up here. Therefore, the person who has created a draft in the recruitment must select and click on send an email.

gmail mail merge


So, this is the way where you can send emails to your receiver. Gmail mail merge will help you to send email 50-100 to the different receiver at a once time. it also provides you tracking option where you can know that when your emails are opened by the receiver side, which time they are clicked and which one emails are bounced. So this is an awesome trick to send email for free. You can also purchase their paid service to send more email to more persons. I hope this tutorial helps you a lot. If you think this is informative and useful than must share with others.

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