How to Delete LinkedIn Account From Computer and Mobile

how to delete LinkedIn Account

In this article, I will learn how to delete LinkedIn Account in just a few steps. Linkedin is a very popular social networking site whose worldwide user is 200 million. It is mostly used by professional people only. And that people use LinkedIn to find a job or to join your colleagues.

Why People want to Delete LinkedIn Account

You may have created an account in it and you do not like it as its user interface. Or you are not getting what you were unselecting from this website for you. And this may also happen that someone has hacked your Linkedin account and you are trying to delete it. Well! There can be any reason.

So let us now know how you can delete your Linkedin account in just a few minutes.

How to Delete LinkedIn Account From Computer

1. Got to LinkedIn Website and Login to Your Account

how to delete LinkedIn Account

First, go to the browser in your computer and then open your Linkedin account. Now after opening, you enter your username and password.

2.  Click on Your Profile and then click on Setting & Privacy section

how to delete LinkedIn Account  After logging into your profile, you have to click on your profile. As soon as you click on your profile, you will get a seating & privacy option right below it. Click on that setting & privacy section.


3. Now Tap on Account Management and then click on closing your LinkedIn Account 

 how to delete LinkedIn Account When you click on the Settings & Privacy section, then you get another option, account management, you have to click on it and then you have to click on Closing Your LinkedIn Account.

4. Select Your Reason For deleting Your Account and then Click On Next Button

how to delete LinkedIn Account

After that, you have to select some reasons why you want to delete your Linkedin account? You can select any of that reasons and delete your account. And if you do not understand anything, then Simply click on the other option and click on next button.

5. Now again Enter Confirmation Password and Click on Close Buttonhow to delete linkedin account

Now you will ask for confirmation password here. Then you have to enter your Linkedin password and then click on the Close Account.

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So, this was the process of how to delete Linkedin Account from the computer. In a few weeks, your LinkedIn profile will be removed from the search engine and then also will be deleted for always.

Guy’s the process of deleting the account of LinkedIn in mobile is same as the computer. You have to just open the app of LinkedIn and proceed the same way on the app.



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