How to Increase WiFi Speed ( 5 New and Best Techniques to Boost Your WiFi)

how to increase wifi speed

A sensible person has rightly said that no Internet is better than the slow Internet. So are you really finding the tips that how to increase wifi speed? Are you frustrated by the speed of your wifi speed? Then these 5 best techniques or tips will surely help you to increase your wifi router.

How to Increase WiFi Speed

1. The positioning of Your WiFi Router

The first tip of how to increase WiFi speed is the positioning of your Router. When you install the new router in your home, positioning your wifi does a very big mater. The signal of a WiFi spreads in the shape of the sphere. That’s why its positioning is very important. Now here you have to do it that if your house is 2 or 3 floor, then keep your wifi in a middle place. You can keep your wifi in any center so that its signal is easily accessible everywhere.

how to increase wifi speed

You have to keep in mind that your wifi router is not to be kept on the ground or to stick to any wall. By doing this, your WiFi one-way signals are blocked, causing problems in spreading its signal and you have to switch to the Internet.

If you are putting the internet in your home or office, then keep it in an open space so that its signal is well accessible everywhere and you can enjoy a well-stocked Internet.

2. Router Updates

Just as you update your phone from time to time, it is also very important to update your router so that it can get some great options. Updating the router also greatly improves its performance. So if you have any company router, go to the official website and update your router.

3. Router Antenna

how to increase wifi speed

In the list of how to increase wifi speed, Router Antenna is the great way to speed up your wifi speed. The antenna is very important for any router. There are lots of routers that you can not change the antenna. But some router is such that in which you can change the antenna. Therefore, when buying any router, keep one thing in mind whether or not you can change the antenna in it. Changing the antenna increases its range and you can enjoy the internet for a much larger range.

4. Router Repeater

how to increase wifi speed

If your office or home is big and your router is not enough or there is a space in your home where you can not properly reach the range of your wifi, you can use repeaters in such a way. Both of the repeater, such as the power line or by connecting to the ethernet cable, both increase the range of your WiFi and also accelerates its speed. Such repeaters will be available for any electronic shop or online order.

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5. WiFi Channel

The 2.4 GHz band is the most popular for the routers. If you are living in a big building or like something, they might be tons of router in your area. They all emit radio waves and due to that, they clash with each other. Hence the range you might get will be the little bit less. But you can fix it by changing the channels through your router admin page. Most of them do support the change of channels.

how to increase wifi speed

You can check channel which one are clashing on the free tool called WiFi Analyzer. This tool is available on Play Store.  So you need to look at this tool and determine which channel is empty in your area and set your WiFi network at that empty channel. After doing this will get a lot better range. This is another a very important tip of how to increase wifi speed list.

The Pro Tip For How to Increase WiFi Speed

Your all router settings are well but when you try to open any website and that website takes a lot of time to open. You can fix this issue by using another DNS (Domain Name Server). You can use the public DNS of Google by visiting your router settings.

how to increase wifi speed

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