How to Leave Facebook Group From Computer and Mobile(Best Method)

How to Leave Facebook Group

Do you want to know how to leave facebook group? So for this, you can read this article to the last. I will tell you in this article both computer and Android that you can easily leave your Facebook group.

Nowadays Facebook has become a huge part of our daily lives. Those who use Facebook, they open their Facebook accounts 2-3 times a day and check that no important message, notification or friend request has come. Nowadays people spend time on Facebook for hours. Chatting some, viewing posts, photos or videos. All this activity has become a routine.

Why Leave a Facebook Group?

First of all, the question is why should we need to leave facebook group. Someone may have put you in a group without asking and you do not want to be part of that group. Or if one of your groups has joined with it, all the members of that group continue to argue uselessly. Or, a group that does not have any issues, only messages containing advertisements are coming in.

But Facebook users sometimes have to face some trouble. Sometimes the waste of time is ruined by the message of someone’s useless message or extravagant. Most of the time, if you have joined any Facebook group, then there are too many unusable notifications coming to it. Which makes frequent strokes many times. Whatever the reason, if you want to leave any Facebook group, then let’s know how to leave facebook group.

How to Leave Facebook Group From Computer?

1. Login to facebook and click on Groups

How to Leave Facebook Group


First, you have to log in to your Facebook account and open it. After that, an option will appear on your left side. The name of that option is the group. So, just tap on that group section.

2. Select the group and click on setting icon

How to Leave Facebook Group


After you click on the group section, you will see a lot of groups in your account. In the top, you will get the option of pending invites. Pending Invitations means you have got an Invitation to join the group that you have to join.

The second option will be of Your Group. Find out which group you want to leave. After meeting the group you can also leave it by opening it. Or, after clicking directly on its settings icon, you can leave it.

3. Click on Leave Group

How to Leave Facebook Group


When you click on the small setting icon, then a new small window opens, in which you ask to confirm it again.

But, since you want to leave the group. So, you will see a checkbox below on that small window, which says “Prevent other members from joining you back to this group“. This means that if you click on that checkbox, then again no one can invite you for this group anymore. Now, if you want this then click on that checkbox and click on leave group. 

How to Leave Facebook Group


How to Leave Facebook Group From Mobile?

1. Go to your Facebook App and Click On Group Option

How to Leave Facebook Group    How to Leave Facebook Group

To release Facebook group from mobile first you must open your Facebook app. After the opening you will find a menu below which will have a 3 dotted line icon, you have to click on it. After clicking, you have to click the group section.

2. Click on Small Aero Sign and Tap on Leave Group Button

How to Leave Facebook Group .      How to Leave Facebook Group

After clicking on the group section, after the name of the group that is selected from the group, there will be a small arrow sign(∨). Now you have to click on that little arrow sign. After clicking here, you will get 4 more options in which you only have to click on Leave Group.


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So, this was two ways by which you can leave the Facebook group in just a few minutes. If you have a computer, you can delete or leave the Facebook group by following the above method of the computer. And if you have just a mobile phone then you can leave facebook group in just 2 steps.

I am quite confident that both of these methods will help you to leave facebook group. If you have applied this method, then definitely share it with anyone so that they can also get help from how to leave facebook group with the help of both computer and mobile.


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