How To Start a YouTube Channel (That Makes You Famous )

how to start a youtube channel

In this blog post, I am going to explain how to start a youtube channel that makes you famous. Becoming a famous YouTuber doesn’t happen overnight whether you want to be a YouTube, Superstar or a successful YouTuber who produces interesting and entertaining content. It’s important to get your channel up and running the right way.

So want to know how to start a youtube channel that makes you famous? Read this article, I will complete this tutorial in a few steps to get your channel up and running successfully.

Before knowing the actual steps to start a youtube channel, Just follow the 5 golden rules that are listed below.

5 Golden Rules To Follow Before You Start A YouTube Channel

1. You will not Get Famous Overnight

Some people think that they can post the video and it will get thousands of views. It’s not the way that you think. The first few videos are probably don’t get views.

You’re not going to get super famous by posting one or two videos on your YouTube channel. If you really want to get famous on youtube then you have to keep posting videos on a consistent basis.

2. Some People Will Make Fun of You

Yes, When you think to start a YouTube channel, the people’s around you will start making fun of you. People will taunt you with a variety of tactics.

People will try to demotivate you. Those people will make fun of watching your YouTube channel and try to disappoint you.

So the best thing is that you have to ignore those people completely who are trying to do these stupid things.

If you have an interest and you already decided that “Yes! I’ll get success on YouTube one day then you have to ignore those people completely.

3. Stay Away From Your Haters

When you start your YouTube channel and you start making videos, then some people try to defame you in the comments of your video or to demotivate you. So, the simple tips to avoid those haters are just ignored and keep it up what you’re doing.

4. You will Need High-Quality Camera

Do not get frustrated. I knew that initially, you don’t have a much more budget to buy a high-quality camera.

But you must have a smartphone and that smartphone camera is much better to start making videos for your channel.

But, nowadays, people want to view content who have better and high-quality videos. People don’t like to watch low-quality videos. So when you earn some money you can buy that HD quality camera.

5. Don’t Join Any Multi-Channel Network

When you start a YouTube channel, some multi-channel network tries to connect with you and charge you money.

Because that MCN will promise you that they will increase your subscribers and grow your channel quickly. But the fact is that when you start giving money to them, they will take your money and get go away.

So you are requested that when you start a YouTube channel, do not associate with any such multi-channel network by mistake.

Now let’s Move the Step-by-Step Guide with the help you Can Get Famous on YouTube

1. Choose Your Topic

how to start a youtube channel

You need to choose a topic for your channel that you’re really interested in that.

Because if you want to be successful in youtube you have to make videos that are mostly focused around one central topic.

You have to make sure that you choose something that you could talk all the time about that.

If you’re trying to decide between two different topics for your channel or several different topics then I’d recommend that don’t do that.

2. Brainstorm Few Different Videos Ideas

You don’t need lots of videos ideas. But for your own benefit, I’d really recommend that you do think of a first few potential ideas.

The reason why is two things.

First of all, it will mean that you’re never gonna feel like you don’t know what to make your next video about. You’ll always have this whole bank of ideas.

The second reason is probably even more important and that’s because if you just think of the first few ideas then they might be pretty good.

But you don’t really have something to compare them to instead if you come up with a few 50 or 100 videos ideas then you can choose the very best of those ideas.

3. Make a Filming and Uploading Schedule For YouTube Channel

So just don’t decide which day’s you’re going to upload but also figure out when you’re actually going to get those videos filmed. So that you can put on your calendar and make sure that you get that done every single week.

Stop thinking about the best results. I’d recommend you upload at least once every week.

Two or three times can be great if it isn’t compromising your quality. Just make sure that you’re not focusing on the quantity over the quality.

You need to be consistent with that uploading.  But you don’t want to try to make too many videos because quality really does matter.

4. Setting Up YouTube Channel

So the first thing you want to get right is your channel’s branding. Is your YouTube channel for the company you own or work for or is it a personal channel?

Use a nice cover image that isn’t too busy but matches the rest of your branding and makes your YouTube channel look neat and professional. Unless you’re choosing to look unprofessional and messy.

how to start a youtube channel

If your channel is personal, you can use a really cool online tool like Canva to make your channel look slick.

Don’t forget to add links to your social channels and website and of course link to your YouTube channel where possible.

For example, you can tweet about that you have started a YouTube channel, add it to your email signature or write a blog post around it. It’s a great idea to have something to show off.

So don’t go sharing an empty YouTube channel. Nobody cares about empty YouTube channels on the road.

5. Build Your Fans Following

It’s a good idea to build your following as soon as your first video goes live. When you get some subscribers, you can create a unique customized channel URL.

As soon as your channel is up and running and your first video is live start subscribing to other channels.

This makes you look an active user and also gives these channels the opportunity to take a look at your channel and potentially subscribe.

There are sites you can use to pay for subscribers but I am not recommending this because if you follow these steps in this blog post, you can create really interesting content and you won’t need to pay.

6. Create Entertaining and Amazing Videos

When it comes to creating your videos, it’s important to start off right. Make sure your channel looks good from the get-go and create engaging content that people actually want to watch.

Below is the list of good practices to follow if you want your videos to do well from day one.

Do Your Keyword Research:

Don’t bother creating videos about subjects that no one’s interested in. No one’s going to watch them because they won’t show in any search results.

A great tool to use for YouTube keyword research is KeywordTool.

Talk About Interesting Topics:

Just because you’ve done your keyword research doesn’t mean you can talk about anything. Make sure the video content that you’re creating is interesting and relevant and keep people engaged.

Keep It Simple:

The last thing you want to do is don’t confuse your audience. This will need to drop-offs and low watch time. Keep your video simple to the point and interesting.

Don’t Copy Other Videos

Don’t go on YouTube watching other people’s videos and think, “I’m gonna do that too”. If someone else has done it, it means you don’t mean to.

What you can do though is, watch other people’s videos relating to the topic you wish to talk about and see where the gaps are.

This means you’re not copying another video but you’re building on a subject and showing off your knowledge.

Use Decent Equipment

No one wants to watch a video filmed on a rubbish phone with audio that can’t hear. Invest in a decent camera, it doesn’t have to cost loads and it’s key to how successful your videos are.

Keep Up Engagement

Earlier, I mentioned that once you get some subscriber for your YouTube channel, you can create your own unique customized channel URL.

But how you get those few subscribers?

Here is the quickest way to increase your YouTube subscribers:-

  • Ask Your Friend and Family to Subscribe your Youtube channel
  • Add an end screen subscribe button to all of your videos.
  • In your videos, ask people to subscribe to your channel but don’t be forceful.
  • Link from social media, your blog, and your email signature.
  • The most important, Make your videos engaging and entertaining.
  • Advertise Your YouTube videos.
  • Create a channel trailer.
  • Do reviews of products and software.
  • Share your videos on social media.

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7. Check How Your Videos are Performing

There’s no point in starting a youtube channel without checking that your content is actually attracting an audience. It’s vital to check back on your videos and see if they’re performing well. Don’t just stop at my video is getting loads of user must be good.

Ask yourself why it’s performing well, ask yourself if you can create similar content to attract an even wider audience. If you analyze the results of each of your videos you have no choice but to create amazing content every time.


So above are the do’s and don’t to start a youtube channel. You can follow above the point to start a youtube channel. I am sure that those points help you in creating a successful career on youtube.

I want to tell you again that becoming famous on youtube and making a career on this platform will not happen overnight. You have to work consistently for achieving your goals. That’s why these points will help you to do this.

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