Typing Speed – 5 Best and Powerful Tips to Increase Your Typing Speed

We all know that today computers have become an essential part of the lives of us. And in today’s, about everyone has a computer. Everyone needs a computer-related work. And to advance in professional life, computer knowledge becomes a very important thing. So there is one thing on the computer that people who do not pay much attention are their typing speed. When they go to a professional environment or go to work somewhere, they realize that the typing speed they have is very slow. They see people around you typing very quickly and those people themselves become very slow.

So in this article, I will tell you some 5 great tips that will increase your typing speed a lot more than it is now and in just a few days. If you practice these 5 tips every day just a half hour, then in just one week, if your speed is 20-30, then your speed will be 70-80 wpm.

5 Best and Powerful Tips to Increase Your Typing Speed

1. Use Your All Finger on the Keyboard

So the first thing you have to do is, that you have to use all the fingers of your hand i.e. the full 10 fingers in the keyboard. There are many people who use only 3 or 4 fingers, due to which their speed is very low. You should do this whenever you type the next time on the keyboard, you have to check how many fingers you use on the keyboard.

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You will see that you will be using only 4,5 more fingers and not be using the fingers of the other. So you have to check that all fingers of both your hands are used in the keyboard. If you practice this every day, you will see that your typing speed will increase significantly. I will also tell you further about where and how to use 10 fingers.

2. Always Keep Them in Home Position

There is a position on the keyboard which we called ‘Home Position’. So, this position starts with the smallest finger of your left hand. Your little finger of the left hand should be in ‘A’ after that, the next must be in ‘S’, after that, the next finger should be on ‘D’ and the last finger of that hand should be on ‘F’ key.

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Similarly, the smallest finger of your right hand should be on ‘semicolon'(:). After that, the next finger should be on ‘L’ button. After that, the next finger must be on ‘K’ key and the last finger of your right hand should be on the ‘H’ button respectively. And in the last, both thumbs should be in the spacebar.

This is because when you type in the keyboard in this position, all the buttons are accessible to you. By typing in this way on the keyboard, you do not have to spend to much time on finding the key also. That’s why you have to practice every day in this position. Regarding regular practice in this position, you will see that your typing speed has improved significantly.

3. Press Right Key with Right Finger

You have to practice this as the position in which your finger is to be pressed against the same position. For this, you have to create a pattern of where to pin the finger. With the help of the given image, you can know which type of finger is to be pressed into. Match the color of your image with the color of the given image and press the keys according to the same.

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It would be a bit difficult to follow this pattern initially. But believe it will not happen sooner than typing and typing speed will also increase. Because in this, you must be using 10 fingers of the full 10, which also helps save time and the errors are also very low. So if you practice the above 3 practices every day, then your typing speed will increase very much.

4. Learn Shortcuts of Keyboards

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If you want to increase the typing speed, you will have to learn some shortcuts for the computer. In each project, if you are doing programming or if you are working in a software such as PowerPoint, Word or Excel, then there are definitely some shortcuts in them. You have to remember all those shortcuts. All these shortcuts save many of your efforts. I’ll tell you some shortcuts like if you want to cut a selected sentence then, press Ctrl + K and if you want to copy then press Ctrl + S for it. And if you want to paste a file or something then press Ctrl + V and for that.

There are shortcuts for many such functions. In facts, you can also create your own shortcuts. You can also create your custom define shortcuts for work or software that works. So it is very important to remember all these shortcuts if you want to increase your typing speed.

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5. Sit on Right Posture

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The last and most important thing that everyone avoids is those that do not sit properly and do not type. That is, if you are typing in the keyboard, then the wrist of your hands should be in the position of the wrists and the fingers which are in the fingers should be in debt, not in the straight. Your shoulder should be correctly and in the good position and the foot you have should be in the ground.

Keeping the attention of all things is very important if you want to type correctly. It will be said that you will start experiencing tiredness for some time and you will start having pain in your hands and you will not feel like typing. Your speed may increase too, but after some time you will not be able to type. You will have to take a break in the middle of the middle and your hands will get pain.

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