Install Android Oreo On Any Android Phone

Install android oreo

Android oreo is the latest version of Android. So in this article, we will learn about how to install android oreo 8.1 version on the android phone. Now if your device is currently running on a lower version of Android version 6 that is Marshmallow then you can easily update it to the Oreo. Marshmallow is cool. It certainly looks good and it’s very stable. Basically, it gets the job done. But I am sure that you will still miss out all features like better look and performance, advance notification and who can miss out the picture-in-picture which takes multitasking to the next level.

But folks first of all if there is an official OTA update available for your device then a device will automatically download and update over to the Oreo.

Check Out The Updates Of Your Device

You can do that by tapping on the check for update option in Android setting and that should pretty much make your day. Either way, make sure to first update to the latest version of Android currently available for your device.

Steps To Install Android Oreo

However, if you want to install Android Oreo before anyone else does you will have to manually install Oreo on your device. Now don’t worry it’s a simple and 2 step process. Only takes about a few minutes and should work on any device both old and new. The only requirement for doing this is you will need to flash a custom recovery on your device.

Now, folks, custom recovery allows you to safely backup your current version of Android and lets you easily update over to Oreo. You can also root your device with just one tap install mods and do a bunch of other stuff as well. To know more about custom recoveries and how to get to your device just check it below link.

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So once you have the custom recovery up and running on your device we move over to step one.

Step 1

1. Find an Oreo ROM for your device

ROMs are basically versions of Android. In this case, Oreo modified and ported on your device. Even though, it’s not officially released for your device yet. Custom ROMs are very easy to install. You can do it very quickly. They are highly customizable and usually come pre-rooted with no bloatware.

So in order to find Oreo ROM for your device,

  • head over to the Android settings and open up the about section and write down the exact name and model number of your device as we will need them later.install android oreo
  • Also, make sure to backup all the important things that you might need later. With the model number in hand hello to the Google Search and type in your device name at the model number with XDA or custom ROM at the end.

We recommend searching on XDA forums as 80-90% of all ROMs released on XDA plus there is a dedicated  ROM section for most Android devices. Now folks, when you search the ROMs for your device, in the list more or less all of those are the exact same thing. Some are more customizable than others.

  • So go through the list, check the details see the screenshot and pick a ROM that suits your taste.install android oreo
  • All instruction with details can be found there. So make sure to go through that first. Once that is done go ahead and download the ROM from there.                 Install android oreo

Now the very important thing to remember is some ROMs don’t come with Google apps like Play Store, Maps, etc. So you might have to download google apps also known as Gapps from there as well.

Alright once the ROM and the Google apps are downloaded and safely placed onto your device storage we move over to step 2.

Step 2

2. Installing the ROM
  • In order to install the ROM first of all completely turn off your device.
  • Once your device is completely turned off boot into the custom recovery by pressing a set of hardware buttons.
  • For most android devices it’s the power button pressed together with the volume up volume down or the home button.

And again you will need to have the custom recovery. Once the device is in the custom recovery it’s just three things that you’ll have to remember and you’ll be able to safely install as many ROMs or MODs as you want. It’s a backup wipe and installs.

So first of all, head over to the backup section and what that does is it creates a complete backup of the current version of Android that your device is on. So later on, if something went wrong or if you want to get back to the older version of Android you can do that by simply booting into the recovery.

  • Now tap on the restore option and your device will be back to the way it was.

So don’t forget to create a backup and for additional safety. Take a backup of that backup. So once the backup is done next up is wipe.

  • So head over to the wipe section and wipe everything except the storage and what that does is it wipe the old version of Android to make space for Oreo.

Alright, so once the backup and wipe are done we head over to install.

  • So tap on the install button then navigate over to the old your wrong that you just downloaded it should be in the download folder.
  • Once you have located the ROM select it and also don’t forget to select the Google Apps as well. Then swipe right and Oreo will start installing on your device.

Final Process

Now folks depending on your device it can take 5 to 10 minutes, so keep your device in cool and dry place. Now, when your installation is done and once Oreo is installed head back and tap on the reboot button and your device will restart. The first boot after installing a ROM might take some time.

Now, once your device booted up don’t waste your anytime and quickly head to the Android settings and you will see that your device is updated to Android version 8.1.

So, this is the process for who want to install android oreo on his phone. I hope you will understand the whole process.

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