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9 New Kickass Torrent Alternatives

On the internet, many websites provide torrent links to download favorite movies and tv shows. Kickass torrent is one of them which give you a lot of features and services.

But when you search the keyword of Kickass torrent, you will not get the right website. The reason is that the Kickass site had disappeared in some region. That’s why in this list, I am going to list 9 best and new Kickass torrent website that provide the same features and services.



Trendinwire doesn’t promote the torrent website and we don’t recommend to download any files from the torrent sites. This list is prepared only for providing information to users.


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1. 1337x

Kickass torrent

1337x is a viral torrent site worldwide. There are about more than 100 million users are coming to this site monthly according to Similarweb. 1337x uses a beautiful and eye-catching interface.

There are a lot of ways to find torrents on 1337x website.

First, you can find by searching the main search bar of the website which is available on the home page. You can also explore different categories like movies, television, games, music, applications, anime, documentaries, etc. are listed so many torrents.

You can also find 100 most torrents by clicking the menu section of Top 100 and Trending menus. The 1337x website also upload the weekly list of the best and popular torrents for all categories.

So, in this list,1337x is the number one alternative of Kickass Torrent.

2. The Pirate Bay

kickass torrent

Unlike the Kickass torrent, The Pirate Bay is also the most famous and popular torrent marketplace from all over the world. The Pirate Bay is also known as the King of the torrent marketplace.

The Pirate Bay is one of the best and excellent alternative websites of Kickass Torrent. The Pirate Bay is no need for an introduction because so many users already heard about this site.

Some years ago, this website used to increase its review using some X-Rated ads. But now there is nothing like this on this website.

When you come to this website, you don’t get to see any cheap ads. The primary source of income of this website is the mining of cryptocurrencies.

There are a lot of menus section over there where you can search torrents. One of the best searching features over there is the Top 100. When you click on the Top 100 menu, you will get 100 different torrents link of various categories.

There are so many such features and services are available on this website. Therefore, The Pirate Bay website is also considered as the best alternative website of Kickass Torrent.

3. Torrentz2



Torrentz2 is an entirely free, fast and excellent meta-search engine combining results from more than 10 search engines. If you know about P2P or Torrenting, then you have to know about the fantastic and fastest torrent indexing site, Torrentz2.

Torrentz2 has replaced its previous website called, Torrentz.eu. The torrentz2 site also a great alternative of KAT/Kickass torrent site because of this website is not a simple torrent website as you think.

It is a meta-search engine that has an extensive collection of results from more than 10 torrent websites.

Torrentz2 have a clean and straightforward interface. So when you come on this site for searching any torrent links, you’ll not see any annoying ads. So, this is also beneficial for its users.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a Kickass torrent, then Torrentz2 can be the best fit for you.

4. Zooqle

Kickass torrent

If you regularly search the Torrent Website on the Internet, you must hear about this website once. Zooqle is also another a fantastic alternative of Kickass Torrent website.

Zooqle offers a lot of services and great features to its users.

The main and eye-catching feature of this website is a fantastic advanced search where you can search any torrents like movies, tv shows, actors, a search query, etc.

Zooqle uses an excellent interface that attracts its users to browse on their website.

You can select the range of data that you want to download. On advance search, you can filter so many options like Match Terms, exclude, exact match, size range, Time Indexed, category (Movie, TV, Music, Games, Apps, Books, Anime), language.

5. Nyaa.si

Kickass torrent

The most important thing I like on this website is its simplicity and neat and clean designed interface. Nayaa is a top-rated website in the country like Japan.

Here you will get torrent links of different Anime movies. According to Similarweb, more than 60 million users are coming to this site on a monthly basis.

In the home page of Nayaa website, all torrents are listed by the size and date. There is an advanced search option where you can search any torrents over there.

At the side of advanced search, there is also a search facility where you can find torrents by selecting different categories.

So, if you’re a Japanese citizen or other than Japanese and you like to watch anime movie and tv series, then must visit Nayaa once. Nayaa is another a similar and perfect website like a kickass torrent.

6. Limetorrents

Kickass torrent

Limetorrent is another a beautiful designed alternative of Kickass Torrent. It is also quite famous to the world of torrent websites.

The main attractive things of this website are its stunning interface design. Limetorrent is a general torrent indexer which have mostly verified torrents.

At the top of the menu, you will get two menu sections where you can access 100 new torrents and 100 top torrents link.

If you want to filter torrent links by categories, then you can select the different groups by clicking the Browse menu.

Limetorrent also has an advanced search facility where you can search any types of the torrent link on that.

At the below of Advances Search bar, you can directly select the main categories like Movies, TV shows, Music, Anime, Games, etc. So, Limetorrent.cc is another a fantastic alternative sites of Kickass.

7. Torlock

kickass torrent

This website is also my most favorite torrent website. The best part of it is that you get to see some Torrent’s links in all the categories on the home page.

At the top section, you will also get some keyword, and when you click on any of those keywords, you will get all torrent links related to that keyword. So this is another a great and unique feature of Torlock.

Apart from that, Torlock provides you with various categories like movies, music, games, Anime, ebook, audiobook, adult, etc. They also offer you to access top 100 and fress torrent link.

Therefore, these features and services make this website different from other torrent websites. And also it’s an excellent alternative to Kickass Torrent.

8. TorrentDownload

kickass torrent

Torrentdownlaod is very similar to Torlock as well as Kickass Torrent. Here, You can also access all categories of torrent links on the home page of the website. The torrentdownload website interface is better than Torlock and its look like a premium website.

Torrentdownload is very popular in countries like the USA and Brazil. This site provides you to access advanced search where you can type any query and access your favorite movies, and any other categories link to download files.

So, I recommend you to use this website as an option if the kickass torrent is not available in your region. This website will not disappoint you with its features and services.

9. ExtraTorrent.si

kickass torrent

Another a decent torrent website called Extratorrent has disappeared in the year of 2017. But, Extratorrent has made come back and live now. Extratorrent looks simple, and its design is not beautiful than other sites like kickass or any other website.

But this website provides the same features as Torlock and Torrentdownload. You will get almost all torrent links and trending categories wise download links in the home page of the site.

At the sidebar of the site, they also provide the latest article which uploaded on the website. Extratorrent also offers a chat feature on its site where any user can directly chat with another user by creating an account.

Therefore, some of these unique services and features of Extratorrent makes different from Kickass torrent as well with other torrents sites.

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