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Top 10 Best Kissanime Alternatives

Kissanime is a popular and well-known platform for watching anime videos for free. Currently, people are searching for Kissanime websites but failed to get the right site. In fact, when you search Kissanime website in Google, you won’t get the actual website because the website is down currently.

But don’t worry! There are a lot of Anime videos sharing portals which provide better services and features than Kissanime site. We have listed 10 such Anime video sharing websites that allow us to watch various types of anime videos, movies, manga comics, etc for free.

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This is my first prefer website for watching anime videos online like Kissanime. has more than 110 million users visited each month from all over the world. This website is top-rated in the country like the United States. Most of the American visitors come to this site.

So many users are satisfied with has a fantastic interface and high-speed streaming service. You can access various types of video quality and different episodes. This website provides the facility of downloading the videos only for register users. have to all features and services like other anime websites. So you don’t need to search for any other sites for watching anime videos. Therefore, is the number one alternative to Kissanime.

2. Chrunchyroll

Chrunchyroll is a famous and legal website which thousand of anime videos and manga comics. This website is viral in the United States and Brazil countries. More than 80 million users are coming to this site every month. You can access this website from everywhere.

The best part of this website is Chrunchyroll guaranteed you with anime and manga videos updated almost every hours. The famous episodes like The Ancient Magus’ Bride, BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS, Naruto Shippuden, Recovery of an MMO, Junkie, etc. can access easily from its footer menus. At the footer menus, you can also check out the lists like platform and devices, premium memberships offer, languages and many more.

For accessing Crunchyroll features and services, you must have to buy a premium membership. When you buy a premium membership, they will provide you with the 14-day free trial.

So, if you’re are a big fan of Anime and can’t able to find Kissanime, then Chrunchyroll can be the best website for you.


Nyaa is torrent sites which provide the torrent file to download various types of Anime videos. More than 70 million people visit this website every month. Nyaa is a well-known platform for downloading different kinds of Anime videos.

For downloading any Anime files here, you need to click on the download button icon which situated on the column. This site is launched in 2005 and still providing the best services to its users. have more than 1 million torrent files. Therefore, you will not face any problem while finding and downloading Anime videos. So, is another a very excellent Kissanime alternative sites.

4. 9anime

If you’re unable to find Kissanime on the search engine or if you’re not satisfied with Kissanime, then 9anime is my third best website. This website provides you with two services together, in which you can download online Anime videos from here, and you can download them very quickly.

Currently, more than 30 million users are coming to the 9anime website. In this way, you can find out the popularity of this website. In the main menu section of this website, you will get an option where you can find different genres. By clicking on the types, you can more easily find your favorite anime videos.

If you’re unable to find your anime videos here, then you can also request to them. As your demand, they upload it to their site. 9anime website has more than 30,000 databases. Therefore, 9anime is another best option instead of Kissanime.


Anime-Planet is another best and free anime platform which allows you to stream anime online. They’ve listed out the different anime on the home page like spring 2019 anime, and newest anime recommendation recently added anime.

You can also filter videos according to different section like drama, adventure, action, etc. They also have a community section where you can read Anime reviews, Manga reviews and many more. is also a well-known platform for watching anime videos for free. According to Similarweb, more than 14 million users come to this website. So this is another a perfect Kissanime alternative site for watching Anime videos online.


I get surprised by streaming server. provide extremely very fast streaming service to their users. I watched some of the popular anime series like One Piece, Dragon Ball, Future Diary, Death Note and I get Impressed by

In the Animefreak, you can browse by different genres, filter anime videos by clicking on the latest episode, latest Anime. On the right sidebar menu, you can watch ongoing animes videos.

So, these are the great features and services make different Animefreak from other anime platforms. And if you’re unable to find Kissanime website, then Animefreak could be the excellent alternative for you.


If you’re a die-hard fan of Anime, then this website can give you so many wonders for you. allows accessing all-time best and latest anime episodes for free of cost.

In the home page of, you can get everything such as you can access various types of genres, latest anime episode, and many more. I have also watched some previous anime episode, and you will not believe that the streaming quality and speed is awesome. maintains its server by using some pop-up ads and display ads. This is how website keeps the whole server and maintenance. Therefore, Chia-anime is also a perfect Kissanime alternative website for every anime lovers.

8. is another an online Anime video streaming provider. This website is not much popular than others. But believe me, this site also an excellent alternative to Kissanime.

The most important thing I like on this website is its excellent interface and design. The user experience is awe-inspiring. You don’t get any popup ads on the home page of this site.

Animestreams provide different streaming services to its audiences. If one server not worked, you can try another one. On Animestreams, you can watch anime by clicking on the different menu section such as Anime movie, ongoing, English subtitle anime videos, English dubbed videos and many more.

So, if you’re not able to stream videos on Kissanime, then you can try

9. GoGoanime

You must have heard about GoGoanime. Yes, GoGoAanime is very popular among Anime lovers. There are lots of anime content on GoGoanime website.

In gogoanime, you can access different anime genres content such as action, adventures, drama, etc. The best part of GoGoanime is free of cost. You also don’t require any subscription for streaming Anime videos.

The GoGoanime interface is straightforward and attractive. But there are some annoying ads on its home page, and you’ll also get some pop-ads while you play in video over there. This is one of the major drawbacks of this website. Well, this is the primary source income of this website.

So if you’re looking for a perfect and free platform for watching the latest anime episodes or anime movies, then GoGoanime will be the ideal platform for you.

10. AniWatcher

It is also an Anime portal where anyone can watch the latest episode of anime videos and movies. Aniwatcher gains so much popularity in only a few months and giving continuing excellent service to the users.

It provides various types of categories such as Random, Anime list, Ongoing series, and Newly added, Recommendation, Movies, Cartoon list, etc. With the help of these menus, you can filter more anime videos.

I also watched some of anime videos here and I extremely very happy with their quality streaming service. So, for anime lover, Aniwatcher could be a good alternative website like Kissanime.

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