How to Lock cells in Excel Sheet (5-Easy Steps)

lock cells in excel

In this article, we learn about how you can lock cells in excel sheet. Excel is considered to be very useful. Through this, we do many things, such as storing the values, keeping the values well organized, extracting the average, making mathematics calculations, etc. straightforward and right away. Engineers use them to report their work and to store a lot of information. It is also used to store the data of banking sector customers and to update all those data regularly.

Excel is also used in many financial industries to store the data of their customers as well as to make regular updates to them. Excel is presented every new year after its new version is introduced and in some versions, some new features are added, which makes it more attractive and secure in terms of security.

Why do we need to lock cells in Excel

Suppose you have kept an excel sheet prepress and stored a lot of data and you have put too many formulas on those cells. And now you left some empty cells in that sheet to fill someone else.

But now the second person who has given your sheet to freeze the data in empty cells, it also tampering your data due to some experiments or some mistakes, or accidentally deletes it. For this reason, the entire worksheet is wasted and the time is also wasted.

lock cells in excel

In such a condition, it can be very difficult for you. So the best way to avoid this is to give permission to fill the same cells that you need to fill someone else. For this, you will need to lock all the cells you have filled up and you will need to keep the same empty cells as they are.

So that’s why we need to lock some cells to avoid this. That’s why we also have a feature in Microsoft Excel which allows us to easily lock any one of the particular cells.

Now let’s look how you can also lock cells in excel.

Steps to lock cells in Excel

 1. Go to the review section of excel sheets:

When you open the Excel sheet, there are some menu options above. Among those options, you have to select the review option.

lock cells in excel

2. Click on Allow user to edit ranges:

When you click on the Allow Users To edit ranges, it asks you how much range you want to give to the user for editing. The advantage of this is that as much as you give the range to the user, your user can edit or manipulate itself to the given range.

lock cells in excel

3. Now click on New button and give ranges

When you click on the Allow User to Edit Range, a new dialog box will open. Now you have to click on New button. After clicking, you have to name the range in the title row.

lock cells in excel


4. Select cells or cells range

After giving the name, you have to give the area or cells range where the user can edit or manipulate the data. So now you have to click on the refer to cells row icon. See on the below image.

lock cells in excel

Select the cells which you don’t want to edit or manipulate and leave those cells to which you will be allowed to edit by your user.

lock cells in excel

5. Set Password for Selected cells or cells range

Now you have to give a password for that selected range. To set a password, the bottom row in the same dialog box will contain a range password box. Now give your strong password and click on OK button. After clicking the OK button again the Confirmation Password box will be displayed. There you have to re-enter the password and click OK and again click on Apply.

lock cells in excel

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Wind Up

So, in this way, you can lock cells in excel. With the help of these 5 easy steps, you can lock your selected cells in excel sheets. After locking your excel cells no one can edit or manipulate the data without your permission. This trick is very helpful for protecting your data and also save your time and work from doing reworking on that.

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