Nowadays there is a new trending Stickers trend on WhatsApp. Whatsapp itself is entertaining its users with new features. WhatsApp users also like Whatsapp’s new features. Recently, WhatsApp has launched a new feature in which users can share their mind-like stickers with their friends and family. For that, you just have to add WhatsApp Stickers to your account. Before WhatsApp, Also many other Apps like Hike and Facebook has introduced its stickers features. You will also get a lot of fantastic stickers there.

But in this article, I am going to explain that how you also can make or create your own WhatsApp sticker just like other WhatsApp sticker using your photos. It’s very easy and simple to make your own fantastic stickers. Not your own photo only, but other photos like natures, sky or any other photo you can make. You only need to download 1 another apps to make your own WhatsApp stickers. I will teach you in only two steps.

Requirements to Make your Own WhatsApp Stickers

1. Personal stickers for WhatsApp

2. .jpg to .png Photo Converter

Steps to Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers

1. Download “Personal Stickers for Whatsapp”

To create your own sticker you must first download an app. Without this app, you can not use a sticker outside of WhatsApp nor you can make your own sticker. Therefore downloading this app becomes very important. This app is being downloaded very fast by the people because people are making their mind-like stickers with this app themselves. This is just for WhatsApp version only but it will be available for all versions later.

The rating of this app is 4.1 and over 1 million people have downloaded it. You get a lot of duplicate apps that are used only on the Play Store. Therefore, you are requested to download this app only from the download link below.

Download Here:  (Personal Stickers for WhatsApp)

2. .jpg to .png Converter

Yes! You need to change your photo format to make your own Whotspace sticker. For this, you have to convert the photo format with your jpg format to png.

You can also convert it online or you can download an image converter separately from the Play Store. Let me tell you one thing that you just need to download such an app to change the format of your photos. You do not have to keep it on your phone at all.

You can use jpgtopng, onlineconvertor, image-online-convert, etc. to change the online image format.

Use these apps JPEG / PNG Image File Converter, Background Eraser etc. for converting your image format through Apps.

I recommended you that download app for converting your image. Because apps convert better image format rather than online. And you can also save directly into your gallery and you will not face any problem.

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The Final Step

  1. Convert your favorite photo (Which you want to make stickers) into .pgj to .pnj format.WhatsApp stickers
  2. For adding your photo stickers into WhatsApp, you need to make at least 3 .png photo.WhatsApp stickers
  3. Save your all three images into your gallery in the separate folder.WhatsApp stickers
  4. Now open WhatsApp and go to sticker section.WhatsApp stickers
  5. Now you will see your photo stickers at above line where all the sticker are already added into your account.WhatsApp stickers

That’s it! So these are the steps with the help you can make your own personal Whatsapp image stickers. Hope you enjoy and learn the all steps carefully. If you want any help then contact me on the contact page.

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