Mangafox was one of the top-rated websites on the internet for reading Manga online for free. But this website has been removed from the search engine or its domain name has been changed. In such a situation, a lot of consumers are worried about Mangafox.

But guys, you don’t have to worry about this because I am bringing some similar even better websites like Mangafox that provide you to read free Manga over there. They all have great features and services than Mangafox.

This list contains 11 best similar sites like Mangafox and all of them are rated according to its features, services, and user-experience by The global rank and visitors amount are taken according to Similarweb stats.

10 Best Alternative to Mangafox in 2019

1. MangaRock

Mangarock is a top-rated site in the U.S and Brazil for reading Manga. At, this site, there is a vast collection of Mangas. If you’re the first time visitor of this site, then you can browse Manga comics by genre like 4-Koma, adventure, comedy, drama, action, etc.

Mangarock can be the best alternative site of Mangafox because it is far better than that website. Here you can read your Mangas comic either on online or you can download it for reading on offline mode. More than 78 million users come to Mangarock for reading Manga comics.

Mangarock updated its content on a regular basis. They categories their mangas comic content into different categories such as Trending, Most popular, Editor’s pick and Latest updates. So, if you can’t access Mangafox, then it will be a perfect alternative site for you.

Global Rank: 235

Monthly Visitors: 78 Million+

Rating: 10/10

2. Kissmanga

Over 48 Million users are visiting each month to this popular Kissmanga site. Kissmanga is very popular in countries like the U.S, Philipines, Brazil, U.K, etc. Kissmanga gives permits to its visitors to read comics online without creating an account.  Along with reading Maanga comics, here you can watch animated videos and read Navels.

For Manga’s, they organize their comics content in various categories such as New Manga, Most Popular, and Trending Manga. If you’ve only come for Manga, then tap on the Manga menu list in which you will get all the updated list of Manga with complete chapters.

Kissmanga also has a comment section where all users can discuss with each other. If you found any improper content or you can’t find your favorite comics then you can do these two work by clicking on the Report/Request button.

Therefore, this website is a great and suitable option in place of Mangafox.

Global Rank: 810

Monthly Visitors: 48 Million+

Rating: 9/10

3. MangaReader

With Over 24 million visitors, Mangareader is stand in the 3rd position of this list. The user interface of Mangareader is looking excellent and very user-friendly. The best part of Mangareader I like most is they allow you to do an advanced search for searching your favorite Manga content. That’s the reason Mangareader makes differ from Mangafox.

All latest release Manga’s are available here. Also, you don’t have to register an account for reading Manga in website. Mangareader organizes all Manga in different categories like Popular Manga, Manga List, and, Latest Releases.

At home page of Mangareader, you will get the latest update section of Today’s Manga, Yesterday Manga, and Older Manga. Therefore, due to all these great features and services, Mangareader is a perfect alternative website of Mangafox.

Global Rank: 823

Monthly Visitors: 24 Million+

Rating: 9/10

4. Read Comic Online

As Mangafox, Readcomiconline is also a similar web portal where you can read Manga comics online for free without creating an account. For users simplicity, they well organized their Manga into several categories such as New Comic, Top Today, Weekly Top, Monthly Top, and Most Popular.

For all updated and non-updated list of Manga are easily available on the top level menu bar. Readcomiconline updates their Manga on a daily basis. So you don’t have to worry about the availability of the latest released comics.

If you found any errors on Readcomiconline platform, then you can directly report by clicking Report error button. Even you can also request your favourite Manga comic through messenger by clicking on Request Comic button.

Global Rank: 1339

Monthly Users: 20 Million+

Rating: 8/10

5. Manga Panda

Mangapanda has so many unique features that make it popular in a very short time. More than 10 million visitors come to this site and most of the visitors are from the U.S. It is also far better than Mangafox website because it has so many other features that make it different from Mangafox.

There are thousands of comics are available on Mangapanda for free of cost. If I talk about it features, then they have an Advanced Search feature that allows you to find Manga by category-wise. It also allows you to search Manga by Manga Type and Shorting Order.

At Mangapanda, all Manga comics will be found on the left side, right side and on top of the site. So if all these great features are merged, then this website can be a better option than Mangafox.

Global Rank: 2286

Monthly Users: 10 Million+

Rating: 7/10

6. Mangatown

If you want to use a premium looking website, then Mangatown can be the best fit for you. Yes, it has a very unique user-interface that looks premium for everyone. But don’t worry, it is a completely free platform that allows you to read Manga comics online without charging any single penny.

At the top level menu bar, they categories their Manga comics into several categories such as romance, comedy, Shoujo, Vampire, Horror, Seinen, Youkai, Adventure, and Harem. Mangatown website has an Android & iOS app that lets you read online Manga comics through your smartphone.

So, if you want to read a free Manga comic like free premium features, then the Mangatown can be a great option in place of Mangafox.

Global Rank: 2823

Monthly Visitors: 8 Million+

Rating: 7/10

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7. is also a very viral online Manga reading sites in the U.S. It has a huge amount of Manga content on its website. has also so many different features that let you read Manga for free of cost. doesn’t charge any money for reading your favourite Manga here.

At the home page of, you will get organized Manga content with separate categories like Popular Manga and Latest Manga. It has also a button called Browse where you can search any Manga with more advanced features.

If you have any own Manga comic, then it allows you to upload directly on the website. Therefore, is also a great alternative to Mangafox.

Global Rank: 7,272

Monthly Users: 7 Million+

Rate: 6/10

8. VIZ Manga

Viz is another an excellent looking website which permits you to read Manga online for free as well with premium. Although this is a premium website as well as the user interface of this website is great.

Here you can enjoy online Manga reading as well as watching animated videos at the same place. There are a lot of unique features and services Viz have. So, this also will be a great option in case of Mangafox are not available for any reason.

Global Rank: 10,516

Monthly Users: 6 Million+

Rating: 6/10

9. Mangafreak

Mangafreak is another quality website where you can read and download Manga for free. As Mangafox, Mangafreak is also a completely free platform that doesn’t charge any money or subscription for its features and services.

Here you can short all Manga content by its genre. For newly released Manga, just tap on New Released button which is situated on the top bar menu. You can also use the advanced search option for more Manga.

Global Rank: 16,700

Monthly Users: 5 Million+

Rating: 5/10

10. Mangabat

How would you feel if you want a website that shows the title of your Manga, along with all chapters of that Manga? Similarly, this website shows you all the chapters along with the title of Manga. Therefore, Mangabat website user-interface is very unique and user-friendly.

More than 5 million visitors have visited this site and mostly come from the U.S. Here, you can get all comics for free of cost. On the right side of this site, you will get Top Weekly, Latest Released Manga. So, again Mangabat is also a great similar site like Mangafox.

Global Rank: 11,420

Monthly Users: 5 Million+

Rating: 5/10

11. Comixology

An Amazon-owned Comixology which is founded in 2007 is a cloud-based distribution web portal for Comics. Comixology has more than 75000 and over 700 free comics are available from different publishers like Marvel, DC, Image, BOOM, IDW, and Top Shelf.

Comixology is both free and Premium platform. For Manga, you have to go on the Manga which is situated on the main menu bar of this site. On the right side, you can get all necessary link for greater browsing experience.

I can’t say that Comixology is completely similar to Mangafox, but still, it has also a free comics who everyone can read easily.

Global Rank: 17,102

Monthly Users: 3 Million+

Rating: 4/10


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