How to Merge Facebook Pages? Merge 2 Fb pages

merge facebook pages

How to Merge Facebook Pages

In this article, we will learn about how to merge Facebook pages, how to add them together without losing any data. But before we merge the Facebook page, we will learn why merge the Facebook page, why it needs to merge?

Why we need to merge Facebook pages

Many times we make such pages on Facebook which we do not use later or we have duplicate pages of the same name. It is better to merge these pages.

The requirement to Merge Pages

  1. For merge of pages, you must have 2 Facebook pages of the same things.
  2. Only you should be the administrator of those 2 pages.
  3. Your pages must have the similar name or represent the same thing.
  4. Your pages have the same address if they have the physical location.

To Merge Your Pages

  1. Go to
  2. Select 2 pages you want to merge and click continue
  3. Click Request Merge

Steps to Merge Facebook pages

  • First, you have to log in to your Facebook account where you want to merge pages. click to pages section situated to the left side of your screen.
  • After selecting your particular page, the scroll upper side of the page that is top of the menu and simply tap on setting section.

merge facebook pages

  •   After clicking on the setting, go to the bottom side of that page and you will see a Merge page option on the left-hand side.  Just simply click on edit.merge facebook pages
  • Now it will be showing that ” Merge Pages you manage that have similar names and represent the same thing.” That is, you can merge those pages with similar names.
  • After that, click on  “Merge duplicate pages”.

Merge Facebook Pages

  • Now choose your two facebook pages which you want to merge together and click on the continue button to proceed.  After clicking on continue button a new window will open and now here you have to choose which page you want to keep. The page you keep will become your main page and the other one will merge into it.

The merge process takes a few days, it does not happen completely. Once this request is received by Facebook, then they can not apologize for this request or they can do it.

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