router settings

Top 6 Most Important WiFi Router Settings and Information

Is there a router connection even in your home? Do you also use the WiFi router? So, in such a situation, you will definitely know what a router is? But…

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gmail account settings

5 Most Important Gmail Account Settings That You Must Know

Gmail is used by all people nowadays. Gmail is a popular free email service that you know about well. But Gmail has some important settings that you do not know…

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Instagram account settings

7 Very Important Instagram Account Settings That You Must Use

Nowadays almost everyone uses Instagram. In such a situation, do you know about some of the essential settings of the Instagram account? So, if you use Instagram, you must know…

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forgot windows admin password

Forgot Windows Admin Password? How Can I Recover It?

Are you forgot windows admin password? Are you troubling to reset your windows admin password? If yes, then this post will help you to reset yours forgot windows admin password…

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5 Basics and Useful Command Prompt Tricks That You Should Know

If you also use computers or laptops in your life, then in such a way, you will sometimes have to use the command prompt. So in this article, I will…

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how to speed up laptop

How to Speed Up Laptop or Computer Performance: 5 Best and Powerful Tips

Is your laptop’s speed too low? Do you want to increase the speed of your laptop? Are you looking for how to speed up Laptop? So don’t worry, you have…

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mobile banking

Mobile Banking: 5 Best and Powerful Tips to Protect Your Mobile Banking

Mobile banking has become very convenient for all of us in today’s time. But it is also very important for us to be careful. This is easy but the risk…

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gmail mail merge

Gmail Mail Merge: Send 100 Emails at Once Time Seperately

Friends, all of you people use Gmail every day and send email to anyone. But whenever you have to send email to more people, it is very difficult. But to…

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Typing Speed – 5 Best and Powerful Tips to Increase Your Typing Speed

We all know that today computers have become an essential part of the lives of us. And in today’s, about everyone has a computer. Everyone needs a computer-related work. And…

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what is modem

What is Modem? Working, Features and Different Types of Modem

In this article, I am going to tell you what is Modem? How modem works and its different types. The modem is very important for any network communication. We use…

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