what is resistor

What is Resistor? Types of Resistor and Its Characteristics

The resistor is the most used passive circuit element in the circuit design. And in fact, it is hard to imagine any circuit without the resistors. So, in this article,…

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ssd vs hdd

SSD vs HDD: Full Comparison of Storage Drive

In this article, we’re going to compare SSD vs HDD, which are commonly used to store the data permanently in desktop and the laptops. Now, conventionally these hard disk drives…

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what is nfc

What is NFC? How NFC Works and What are its uses ?

Do you know what is NFC(Near Field Communication)? How does it work and what are its uses? if you don’t know what it is then read this article till the…

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lock cells in excel

How to Lock cells in Excel Sheet (5-Easy Steps)

In this article, we learn about how you can lock cells in excel sheet. Excel is considered to be very useful. Through this, we do many things, such as storing…

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how to transfer photos from pc to iphone

How to Transfer Photos From pc to iPhone

In this article, I am sharing that how to transfer photos from pc to iPhone.¬†You can’t exchange data like photos, videos, music or any other data with iPhone devices from…

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what is zip and rar file

What are Zip and Rar file? How to open and create Zip and Rar files?

If you are a regular user of the Internet and download the files in the regular time from the Internet, then you must also have downloaded such files as ZIP…

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What is Cyberbullying? What are its Effects and How we can Stop It?

What is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that happens online. It involves harming, harassing, threatening and humiliating a person, usually through social networks messaging apps, chat rooms as…

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block website in chrome

How to Block Websites in Chrome [Easy Method]

Why do you need to block websites in Chrome browser? What is the use of this? Your children may use your computer regularly and you want to protect your child…

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what is screen overlay

What is Screen Overlay? And How to Fix It?

Do you know what is screen overlay and why it comes on your phone? In today’s time, almost every person uses mobile. Without a mobile phone, there is no work…

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airplane mode

What is Airplane Mode? How Airplane mode works?

Do you know why Airplane mode is given in mobile? And do you know what its work? Why do the plane officials give us the information that you activate the…

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