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What is Airplane Mode? How Airplane mode works?

airplane mode

Do you know why Airplane mode is given in mobile? And do you know what its work? Why do the plane officials give us the information that you activate the airplane mode service on your phone at the time of flight or switch off? So, I will try to tell you the answer to all these questions in this article. If you have all these doubts in your mind then keep reading this article till the end.

What is Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode is a setting or feature that is given in your mobile or laptop system. So we can also call many more names such as offline mode, standalone mode, or flight mode. So, as soon as you activate flight mode on your mobile phone, then the arrival of the transmission signal in your mobile completely closes.

airplane mode

Because of this, neither you can call or mess with anybody from your mobile nor you can call someone and the message can arrive. Apart from this, if you activate flight mode in your mobile, then your phone is closed for many features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS services. However, you can manually start and use all of these features in settings.

airplane mode

Now when you turn on Flight mode in your mobile, the flight sign will appear in place of your network. And this means that Flight mode has now been activated on your phone.

Now the question arises, what is the use of this flight after all. And whenever you travel on the plane, why do we call it on the flight that you switch off your mobile or do your phone on the flight.

Working on Airplane Mode

Whenever you go somewhere, your mobile phone makes an attempt to scan nearby network towers and communicate with them so that you can get a 24-hour network in your mobile and you do not have any network problems.

But if you go to a place where there is no network or if you do not have a network far enough, then the mobile that you have in this way boosts the signals so that anyone can scan the nearby network tower available. After this, it can communicate with that tower and send it to the network on your mobile.


So if you have to contact this or if you are trying to connect to your mobile nearby network, then due to this, sometimes there is a problem with the sensor on Aeroplane and any other navigation system. The plane of which we are traveling from is also a plane crash.


So, friends, you guys are often asked to keep the phone off in the airplanes or keep it in airplane mode. But It is not necessary that you have to switch off the phone completely.
Airplane mode works only to prevent signal scanning and disrupt communicate with network tower. So you can still do other things on your phone such as watching videos, listening to music, playing games etc.

Others Important Uses of Airplane Mode

1. It Can Save Your Battery Life

Yes! If your mobile’s battery life has diminished and you have no option to charge a mobile phone, you can activate your phone in airplane mode. This reduces your phone’s battery consumption. The reason is that when the phone is in without airplane mode, continuous signal interaction with your phone keeps up with the network tower. Therefore, it consumes a lot of battery consumption.

2. It increases charging speed


Activating your Airplane mode during charging charges your phone very quickly. Yes! Because all your phone’s services such as cellular connectivity, WiFi, GPS location are all closed. And this is why the charging capacity of the battery increases very much. It also saves your time.

3. It can save from unnecessary hassle

If we do any necessary work and we do not want to disturb any spare, by phone calls and messages, we either turn off the notification system on our phone or close the phone. But when you activate the airplane mode, neither you will need to switch off the phone nor stop the notification. This will save your time and phone battery together as well.

Final Words

But friends do not have to worry about the plane crash. The airplane crash that this is not really about. If you forget to turn off your phone or forget to activate the flight mode to the phone, then it is not necessary that the plane will crash. Because there are many people who forget to turn off the mobile phone inside the plane. But still, you should switch off your mobile inside the plane so that the plane’s pilot does not face any technical difficulties.


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Reset Gmail Password: Best Way to Reset Gmail Password

reset gmail password

All of us use email today, at a time when everybody used to send email using computer and laptop. So all of us used to check email every day or the week, because of which we remembered the password. But since the phone has come, we have to log in just about one after that we don’t have to log in again. So in this article, I will tell you my 2 best methods that how you can reset Gmail password if you have forgotten your password. So read this article till the end.

In this, I am going to show you my 2 best and easy working method to reset Gmail password. So let’s start with the 1st method to reset your forgotten Gmail password.

1. Reset Gmail Password Through Recovery E-mail

  • First, open your gmail.com website to reset your password.
  • Enter your Gmail ID or phone no. and click on next.
  • You have to click on forgot password on option.

Now it will ask for your old password that you used to but if you didn’t remember that password then simply click on try a different question. Now there you will see your recovery email id. Now what you have to do the simple click on send.

  •  Go to your recovery email id and open that email which is sent by Gmail for reset Gmail password.
  • Now simply copy the 6 digit code from your recovery email and paste that code.
  • Click on Next.

Now you can set your new Gmail password in the create password box.

  • After entering your password click on change password.

Now your new password has been changed. Now you can add your recovery email and phone for future. So, guys, this was the 1st method to reset Gmail password.

Now let’s check 2nd method,

2. Reset Gmail Password Through Phone Number

  • To reset your password simply enter your email id or a phone number.
  • Click on next.
  • Now again click on Forgot Password.
  • Now again click on try a different question.
  • Select the first option to Send Text Message.
  • Enter that 6 digit code and click next.
  • Enter your new password and simply click on change password.
  • Click on Done.

Now if you added your recovery phone number at the time of creating your account then you will get a 6 digit code on your phone number. Once you click on next you can easily set a new password for your Gmail id. Now you can log in your Gmail account easily. This is how you can easily reset yours forgot Gmail password.

Final Verdict

Friends, some people would also like to know that if we have forgotten our recovery Gmail or my phone number, then You probably will not be able to reset your Gmail account. As Google has not yet given any other option that allows you to reset your account. I hope this article helps you to reset Gmail password for your account.


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Hyperloop: The Future of Transportation


What is Hyperloop Technology?

Hyperloop is basically a new mode of transportation road forward by billionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk. Passengers will seat in a pressurized capsule or pod that rides on the equation of air inside a seal near vacuum panel. The pod will be lifted up the ground using either magnetic levitation similar to Maglev train or air pressure. And as the system will operate in an environment with no air resistance, the pods will be able to travel very fast.


How fast you ask? The maximum speed of Hyperloop will be mind-boggling 1200 Km/h. if you’re not impressed by that number which honestly you should be let me tell you that an average commercial airplane travel at just 700-900 km/h.

The fastest train at the moment can fairly cross the 600 km/h. The Hyperloop is in fact so fast that it will actually reach very close to the speed of sound.

Advantages And Disadvantages

1. Advantages

First advantages are as we just saw as its impressive speed. Travel time will be cut down dramatically. For example, if you want to go Mumbai to Delhi it currently takes almost 24 hours of nonstop driving if you choose to travel by road. And if you want to choose to travel by Rajdhani train then it will take almost 14 hours. And more than 2 hours by airplane.

hyperloopHyperloop will cut it down to just 80 minutes. And you won’t be required to go through all the hassle you face at the airport. It is also very energy efficient. Once the pod has to accelerate to the desired speed it concludes the long the tunnel. Also, the solar panel will be fitted on the top of the structure which will be able to generate more power than the Hyperloop consume.

The access electricity will be stored for use at night and times when the lack of solar energy. Thus Hyperloop system will be completely self-sufficient and won’t require any other source of power. It is envisioned that tickets will cost less than plane tickets and it also will be safer than other modes of transportation.

2. Disadvantages and Challenges

Although most of the people are excited at the prospect of Hyperloop technology and someone are not convinced. Critics are pointing out that traveling in a narrow windowless capsule inside a sealed tunnel can be the terrifying experience for the passengers. Also, the vibration along with fast acceleration could cause motion sickness. If their force applies failure it might be difficult to evacuate people stuck between two stations.

Also, creating and maintaining long stretches of the low-pressure vacuum-like condition will be a seriously big challenge.

Hyperloop Train in India

India may well become the first countries to have this futuristics of transportation. A lot of governments have shown interest in bringing Hyperloop to India. I will talk about three companies that are actively involved in India at present.

  • Hyperloop Transportation Technologies: This U.S based company has signed an agreement with Andhra Pradesh government to build a Hyperloop project connecting Amravati to Vijayawada. The distance will be covered in just 6 minutes oppose the current travel time of approximately 1 hour. The company has also proposed a road between Chennai and Bengaluru. If things go as plan the distance of 345 km could be cover in just 30 minutes.


  • Hyperloop One: On 22nd February 2018 the company entered into a memorandum of standing with the government of Maharashtra to build a Hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune. That was cut down the travel time from the current 180 minutes to just 20 minutes.
  • GroundWorks: The third one is an Indian company based in Indore. It has proposed a corridor between Mumbai to Delhi passing via Indore, Kota, and Jaipur.

 Current Progress

Hyperloop is still far from starting commercial operations. On 28th December 2017 version Hyperloop One announced that during the test run the system clock speed of nearly 387 km/h. This is the fastest speed they have reached so far. The company has also unveiled the first pod in Dubai. They have an ambitious goal of tell bring of fully operational this system as early as 2021.


Now we have to follow this assumption that this is the travel futures. We will be able to travel in an efficient manner and spend much less power. However, the first investment that will be very much. This system will cost a lot to build but once it is created then the operating cost which will be reduced as compared to any train or airplane.

Interestingly, the idea of trains or pods running through sealed tubes is not a new one. It is, in fact, more than 100 years old. But this time around it might actually become reality.

How to Unlock Samsung FRP Lock | Bypass Google Account

bypass google account

bypass google account

If you are using Samsung mobile phone or any other android phone and your device are also locked and your phone is asking for Google verification but you don’t remember the google account and password. So in this article, I’ll show how you can easily bypass your Google account verification. For this, read the full article until the end.

What is FRP Lock

bypass google account

Before we started tutorial on how to bypass Google account, you should know how your phone gets the lock with Google verification. You must have seen that most of the phones in Samsung or any other Android phones with Android version Lollipop or above will get FRP lock.  The Factory Reset Protection (FRP) will secure your android mobile which is used to increase security which means no one can access your phone without a password even if they format your phone.

But sometimes this feature is really annoying for those who forget their email id and password which is used on their android phone. This problem occurs when you format your android phone.

If you have email id and password which was used in your mobile then you can easily unlock your mobile using email password but if you don’t remember email id and password then you can’t access your phone. So you have to bypass google account verification.

So I’ll show you step by step procedure that how to bypass google account verification of any mobile.

 Requirements for bypass Google Account Verification

Before we start tutorial you need

  • Pendrive: No matter how much Gb will be, it does not matter.
  • OTG Cable: To unlock the phone you will need an OTG cable which is easily available in the Amazon.
  • Computer/Laptop: A computer or laptop will need to download and copy apps. Or else you can also use another Android phone.
  • Internet connection: You will need the internet to download an app.

If you have these 4 things then you can easily bypass your Google account verification. Now let’s start the tutorial on how you can bypass google account verification of any mobile which supports OTG cable.

Steps For Bypass Google Account

  • First of all, you have to download an app called Bypass Any Samsung Google account lock and copy it to your Pendrive.
  • Now switch On the phone which is locked and connect OTG cable to the charging slot and add Pendrive with OTG cable.
  • After connecting Pendrive, your phone will open the File Manager. After that, to open the downloaded app, i.e. to install. If it is not being installed, then click on the Unknown Source and then after the install, open it.
  • After opening it will automatically open the settings window. Now you have to format your phone after going into settings.
  • After that, you have to go Backup and reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset device.

After doing this, your phone will be reset and it will be restarted again. Now, you have to set up your phone as we do when taking a new phone. And when we set up, you will not get any kind of Google Account verification. This means that now your Factory Reset Protection (FRP) has been unlocked on your phone.


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Best Apple Watch Apps For Your Smartwatch

best apple watch apps

In this article, we will look some of the top free and important best apple watch apps for your smartwatch. And all these apps will enhance your overall user experience with it. We have everything from an easy calculator that will let you calculate small maths problem right on your watch to an amazing music app that will you surely love it. This best apple watch apps article will surely help you to find awesome apps. So without any further useless discussion let’s get started.

Friends, if you have not yet bought any Apple’s watch, then with the help of this link, you can buy it in Amazon’s Best Deals.

1. Flipboardbest apple watch app

Starting with a very familiar Flipboard. This is already a very best and useful app for iPhone that brings the latest news and article on your phone and now it’s on your Apple watch too.

Just launch the app on your phone and according to the topics, you have followed you will get the headline directly on your watch that means you can swipe left or right to browse through the articles and use the digital crown or slide to read the content.

So, guys, I think this will be the great app for your apple smartwatch as you can check all the news and updates right from your watch.

2. Dictionary

best apple watch apps

The second one is the dictionary. With this app, you can find word meanings using your voice input. Just tap search on your Apple watch and dictate the word. You have the word meaning and you can force touch between definitions and synonyms.

best apple watch apps

Also, you can go through your favorites recent and word of the day which is good for improving your vocabulary. So a great app that can come very handy at times.

3.Yahoo Weather

best apple watch apps

Next is Yahoo Weather. This is also already the best weather app for iPhone. As it gives a detailed information on the weather and now it’s the same with the apple watch. Here you have the weather info on your current location and you can swipe left to view the weather info on other saved locations.

best apple watch apps

You can use your digital crown or scroll to see other pieces of information like humidity, wind pressure and so on.

4. Shazam

best apple watch apps

Next one here is the Shazam. With this app, you can quickly identify the songs that are playing around you. As we all know Shazam app is well known for it. Just launch the Shazam app on your phone and just tap on to the icon and it will start the identifying the music playing around you.

Once done it shows the details about the song identified. Also, you can see the lyrics and by that song right from the app itself.

5. Calculator

best apple watch apps

The next one is the Calculator. This app lets you perform the simple calculation from your smartwatch. Here you have these options to clear, add, subtract, multiply and divide. Lower below you will get additional like adding, bracket, percentage and so on. You swipe right for history and swipe left to bring up the tips calculator.

This app may not be as useful as the calculator on your phone and may not perform as well but I am sure it can come in very handy when performing simple calculations quickly.

6. iTranslate

best apple watch apps

The next one here is the iTranslate. With this app, you can easily translate words into different languages. Simply choose the language that you want to translate tap the mic icon it dictate your word instantly.

Over there it will show the translation and other recommendations as well. It’s quite handy as you can quickly translate languages right on your apple watch.

7. Djay2

The next one is the Djay2. This app is not free.This is the best music app for your apple watch. You can control the iPhone Djay2 app right from your watch. Here you have deck 1.

best apple watch apps

You can tap there from the list to add songs to that deck. When you load the song on your watch it will loads on your iPhone as well. You can swipe left to go to the mixer and there you can control the playbacks, volume as well sync the tracks.

Swiping left again will bring up the deck2. On your decks you can control the playback and swipe down will bring up these options to loop and add different effects to your tracks. So, guys, this might not be a great way to control your Djay2 app but it certainly provides a great functionality as you can perform a lot of tasks from the watch itself.

8. Wunderlist

The last but not the least is the Wunderlist. This is a great app to create listings or say to-do lists. Here you will find different tiles in an inbox. Today start and assign listing. Below that, you have your items like groceries and movies where it shows all the listing made from your iPhone.

best apple watch apps

Once an item is done you can just check to dismiss that item. From your phone, you can create new listings and to-do lists as well as contact other people’s that says for example if you are out for shopping and your mom wants to bring certain items she can do that right from this app. So I think this will be a very handy application for your Apple watch.


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How to Hide Photo, Video and Files Without Any App

hide photo

Today, I’ll tell you how can you hide photos or files without the help of any app or the third-party app. And whenever you need these photos and videos, you can get it in one click without any hassles. The most important thing in this folder lock tutorial is that you will not need to install any kind of app and nor will it be necessary to install any kind of software on your laptop or computer.

I will tell this tutorial on my phone. If you want you can do it on your laptop or computer in the same way.

Let me tell you guys, whatever data you want to lock or hide, you will not need any kind of software to hide for your any type of particular data.

Steps to Lock or Hide Photo or Videos

  • First of all, you have to open your file manager.

folder lock    folder lock

As we know that our phone has 2 types of storage, internal storage, and external storage. In our internal storage, any of our data is stored in the phone’s memory and an external memory, we store our data by using another memory separately.

Now if you have to lock any data or hide photos such as audio, pdf’s or videos, then I will refer you to the data that you want to lock, move that data into the external storage so that whenever you reboot your machine or master reset If you want to do it, you can easily restore that data. If you use the internal storage to lock your data, then maybe you can lose the data whenever you reset your phone.

  •  Next, Just tap on the three dotted line of the upper side and click on Create a New Folder.

folder lock folder lock folder lock

Now it’s a turn that name the folder. Friends, the name of the folder is that you have to keep that person if you see that folder, then it seems that there will be nothing special in this folder. Seeing the name of the meaning, it ignores that folder. By the way, it will not be able to open your file in any way. Simply doing this increases the security of your file.

  • After naming the folder name, just press ok or save and go back to the main menu.folder lock

Now here you have to do is that whatever data or file you want to do hide or lock just move that data to the folder where you created a new folder before it.

Now your required file has arrived in your new folder. After this, you have to be careful that you have seen that the photos which have the extension are in .jpg. And the video file has an extension in. .Mp4, .3gp, .mov etc.

  • So you have to do the thing that you have to select the file you want to hide or lock and click on the 3 dots given above and click on the Rename option.
  • Now change the extension of that folder to your own name and click on ok button.

Now if anyone takes your phone and tries to open your folder then it will come to write a message that “Unable to open the file. No application available“.That is, it can not open this file in any way.

So friends, in this way you can lock any file, such as Photos, Videos, Audios or PDFs, with any of your files like this, without the help of any application. But it’s necessary to type your name by changing its extension. And whenever you need that data, you can get it by only single click. This folder lock trick is very rarely on the internet.

Steps to Unlock or Unhide Your Data or File

To unlock or unhide photo or data, just change the file to the same extension as the previous extension. For example, if that file was in the video then it changed to .Mp4 and if that file was in the photo then do it in the .jpg.

The biggest thing you need to remember is that the file that you have changed its extension in which format was it. As if the file was in audio, then it would be necessary to remember that it was in the audio file. These unlock times are necessary. Otherwise, this file will not be open to you, nor will any files that you do with any software help you to open the file again. So remember that file format. Either make a separate photos folder for photos of them and make a videos folder for videos and use this trick.

So, I hope this folder lock tricks will help you a lot to lock your personal data on phone and computer. If you like this post then, must share with others who want the same things.


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Install Android Oreo On Any Android Phone

Install android oreo

install android oreo

Android oreo is the latest version of Android. So in this article, we will learn about how to install android oreo 8.1 version on the android phone. Now if your device is currently running on a lower version of Android version 6 that is Marshmallow then you can easily update it to the Oreo. Marshmallow is cool. It certainly looks good and it’s very stable. Basically, it gets the job done. But I am sure that you will still miss out all features like better look and performance, advance notification and who can miss out the picture-in-picture which takes multitasking to the next level.

But folks first of all if there is an official OTA update available for your device then a device will automatically download and update over to the Oreo.

Check Out The Updates Of Your Device

You can do that by tapping on the check for update option in Android setting and that should pretty much make your day. Either way, make sure to first update to the latest version of Android currently available for your device.

Steps To Install Android Oreo

However, if you want to install Android Oreo before anyone else does you will have to manually install Oreo on your device. Now don’t worry it’s a simple and 2 step process. Only takes about few minutes and should work on any device both old and new. The only requirement for doing this is you will need flash a custom recovery on your device.

Now, folks, custom recovery allows you to safely backup your current version of Android and lets you easily update over to Oreo. You can also root your device with just one tap install mods and do a bunch of other stuff as well. To know more about custom recoveries and how to get to your device just check it below link.

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So once you have the custom recovery up and running on your device we move over to step one.

Step 1

1. Find an Oreo ROM for your device

ROMs are basically versions of Android. In this case, Oreo modified and ported on your device. Even though, it’s not officially released for your device yet. Custom ROMs are very easy to install. You can do it very quickly. They are highly customizable and usually come pre-rooted with no bloatware.

So in order to find Oreo ROM for your device,

  • head over to the Android settings and open up the about section and write down the exact name and model number of your device as we will need them later.install android oreo
  • Also, make sure to backup all important things that you might need later. With the model number in hand hello to the Google Search and type in your device name at the model number with XDA or custom ROM at the end.

We recommend searching on XDA forums as 80-90% of all ROMs released on XDA plus there is a dedicated  ROM section for most Android devices. Now folks, when you search the ROMs for your device, in the list more or less all of those are the exact same thing. Some are more customizable than others.

  • So go through the list, check the details see the screenshot and pick a ROM that suits your taste.install android oreo
  • All instruction with details can be found there. So make sure to go through that first. Once that is done go ahead and download the ROM from there.                 Install android oreo

Now the very important thing to remember is some ROMs don’t come with Google apps like Play Store, Maps etc. So you might have to download google apps also known as Gapps from there as well.

Alright once the ROM and the Google apps are downloaded and safely placed onto your device storage we move over to step 2.

Step 2

2. Installing the ROM
  • In order to install the ROM first of all completely turn off your device.
  • Once your device is completely turned off boot into the custom recovery by pressing a set of hardware buttons.
  • For most android devices it’s the power button pressed together with the volume up volume down or the home button.

And again you will need to have the custom recovery. Once the device is in the custom recovery it’s just three things that you’ll have to remember and you’ll be able to safely install as many ROMs or MODs as you want. It’s backup wipe and installs.

So first of all, head over to the backup section and what that does is it creates a complete backup of the current version of Android that your device is on. So later on, if something went wrong or if you want to get back to the older version of Android you can do that by simply booting into the recovery.

  • Now tap on the restore option and your device will be back to the way it was.

So don’t forget to create a backup and for additional safety. Take a backup of that backup. So once the backup is done next up is wipe.

  • So head over to the wipe section and wipe everything except the storage and what that does is it wipe the old version of Android to make space for Oreo.

Alright, so once the backup and wipe are done we head over to install.

  • So tap on the install button then navigate over to the old your wrong that you just downloaded it should be in the download folder.
  • Once you have located the ROM select it and also don’t forget to select the Google Apps as well. Then swipe right and Oreo will start installing on your device.

Final Process

Now folks depending on your device it can take 5 to 10 minutes, so keep your device in cool and dry place. Now, when your installation is done and once Oreo is installed head back and tap on the reboot button and your device will restart. The first boot after installing a ROM might take some time.

Now, once your device booted up don’t waste your anytime and quickly head to the Android settings and you will see that your device is updated to Android version 8.1.

So, this is the process for who want to install android oreo on his phone. I hope you will understand the whole process.



How to Install A Custom ROM On Any Android Phone

custom rom

Is your android device getting slow? Are you tired of low memory issues or do you want to remove those blot wares on your device and add a new life to your old Android phone or you simply want to upgrade to a higher version of  Android but you don’t know how to do that? In that case, this article is for you. In this article, I will explain that how to install a custom ROM on any Android phone whether it’s a phone or a tablet.

I will try to be as basic as possible so it will helpful for both of you who are pros in Android and for those who new to android.

Again it is 100% safe and fails proof.

Now this will be a full fail-proof tutorial. I will be showing you how to install a custom ROM without the risk of breaking or harming your lovely device. I’ll also explain each step in detail as we go along.

Ways to Install a Custom ROM

Now there are two ways of installing a custom ROM

1. By using Computer.    2. Directly from a device itself by using the custom recovery.

The Computer method is not used much these days, however, the second method that is flashing around through a custom recovery is used by like 95% of the people. because it’s fast and the ROM can be installed directly on your phone without the need of getting up from your seat.

What is a Custom ROM and How do I get it?

A custom recovery is basically a piece of software that sits on top of your Android device and allows you to install flash backup ROMs and do a lot of things directly from a device itself without the need of connecting it with the computer.

Basically, if you want a custom ROM you will need a custom recovery on your device that’s the first step. So how do I get a custom recovery for my device? Well, there’s no one answer to this question. I mean not a question in which you ask me, hey! what should I do after I brush my teeth? Well, you eat your breakfast and that’s because the method to install a custom recovery is slightly different for different devices.

So no one tutorial will fit all the devices but the overall process is very simple and it will not take more than 10-15 minutes. So what do we do now? We have to go our common buddy Google Search.

On Google search enter your device model number plus custom recovery. You can find your device’s model number in Android setting>>About devices tab. And here you will find tons of tutorials.

custom rom    custom rom

Again any tutorial will work as long as it is your specific device. I recommend the website like Xda-developers as they are most trusted place to get Android tutorials and Rom. Again, guys, the process of flashing a custom recovery is very simple and straightforward. Just follow the instructions and you will have a custom recovery in under 15 minutes.

Once a custom recovery is flashed you’re all set. Now the only thing you will need a custom  ROM file. So let’s call our common buddy again Google Search. In Google search type in your device model number plus custom ROM. Different ROM provides different feel and features.

So choose the one which suits your teste. Again, I recommend the website like Xda-developers as they are most trusted place to download ROMs. Any ROM will work as long as it is made for your specific device but in this article, we will work on CyanogenMod ROM based on Android version 5.1.1 and here we have the website called CyanogenMod.org.ru

custom rom

Do any additional information given here before you download the ROM. Again make sure that the ROM you’re downloading is for your specific device.

Now once you have to things on a device that is number one is a custom recovery flashed and the second is custom ROM but before we do that most importantly make a backup of all of your data and apps on your phone by using Titanium Backup. If you have root or use app backup and restore app both apps are free on Play Store. As flashing a custom ROM will wipe all of your apps and data on your device.

Alright, It’s time let’s go ahead and flash a custom ROM

Steps to Flash A Custom ROM

  • First of all, you need to turn off your device.
  • Once the device is completely turned off boot into the custom recovery by holding a set of hardware buttons that is volume up + home + power button pressed at the same time. It might be different for different devices so do check the place where you got your custom recovery.
  • If the custom recovery was flashed correctly your device will boot into the custom recovery menu.
custom rom
Image Credit: The Android Guy

So here’s how the custom recovery looks like.

  •  Use the volume rocker buttons to move up and down and use the power button to select the options that you want to choose.

Now there are several types of custom recoveries out there like the Lock of mode, TWRP etc. They might look a little different but more or less the basic set of options would be same across all the recoveries.

  • Now select on Install zip option which will flash or install a custom ROM.

But before you do that this is very important to pay attention scroll down to backup and restore option and select backup to sd card. Now what will do is that it will backup the entire of your Android with all of your apps, games, save files accounts, contacts everything on your Android and store it as a single file on your phone memory.

So in case if you don’t like the new ROM or if you want to go back to your original state, simply boot into the recovery select restore from sd and boom your device will be back to exactly where you left it. So do create a backup before flashing a new ROM.

  • Now, once that is done go back and scroll down and select wipe data/factory reset and hit on Yes – wipe all user data.

Now this will wipe the flash memory on your device making space for the new ROM.

  • Scroll down and select wipe cache partition option. This will wipe the temporary app data left on your device by old ROM and hit on Yes – wipe Cache

Now both of these options will not take more than 10  seconds. Now most people that don’t wipe their devices before flashing a ROM which leads to boot loops and write errors. So don’t forget to wipe your device before flashing a new ROM. Now once you have created a  backup and a device is wiped you are all set to flash the new ROM.

  • Navigate to install zip option select choose from sd card and navigate to the place where you have placed your ROM.

Now since we downloaded it directly from our device it should be in the download folder.

  • Select the ROM file and hit on Yes – Install… and the flashing process will begin.

Now depending on the size of the ROM, the flashing can take between 2 to 15 minutes. So grab some of the snacks or a cup of coffee and sit back.

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Once the flashing is successful it only took about three minutes to flash this ROM on your phone and once flashing is completed simply go back and go to the top and select reboot system and hit on Yes – Fix root.

Now the first boot after flashing a new ROM can take a while to be slow. It usually takes around 2 to 3 minutes. Even if it takes 10 minutes. Don’t freak let it sit there it will boot. After the first boot is done thereafter your phone will boot fast. It’s just the first boot that can take a while.

After finishing the process the welcome screen will open, select the language and get started quickly. It’s 100% safe and fails proof.

How to Browse Internet Anonymously

Browse Internet Anonymously

How to Browse Internet Anonymously

In this article, we will learn how you can browse the Internet anonymously. If you are going to take a break on a holiday, then we do all the research on the flight tickets, hotels or the different place. If any new people meet, we first find them on the internet about the week so that we can get more information. Every day, how many searches we do on the internet. But you have ever thought that your profile is created with all the search queries and search terms and the search engines know everything about you and do not hide anything from you about them.

Now they collect all the data and browsing history, and later they are given the same information to the advertiser so that the same advertiser can sell you some products related to your profile and earn money. Even if you do not buy anything, then your data is still very useful for the advertiser.

Now here it is fine. But it is not necessary that we want to leave the trail of everything. After all, privacy is also something. In this case, what to do if you want to browse the Internet anonymously? Here I will tell you about two such search engines with the help of which you can browse internet anonymously.

Two Famous Anonymously Search Engine

1. Duck Duck Go

Browse Internet Anonymously


The first search engine is Duck Duck Go. This search engine started in 2008. The special thing about this search engine is that none of your personal information is collected and shared with anyone. In 2016, this search engine had more than 4 billion searches.

Browse Internet Anonymously

Nowadays, many governments are keeping an eye on their own citizens and gathering information about them. In this way, these search engines are becoming very popular. You can search its anonymously by taking Chrome extension directly from Chrome browser.

When you search any information in the search engine of Duck Duck Go, it does not track any of your history or information and will not keep any records of it. You can also search anonymously by browsing the browser directly with its Chrome extension.

2. Start Page

Browse Internet Anonymously

The second is the Start Page. The start page does not record your IP address and does not use unique cookies. There are many websites that leave the cookies on your device. Many advertising companies also track you on different websites. But this is not a problem from the start page. Here you see Google’s search too, but your data is not shared with Google.

Browse Internet Anonymously

Nowadays privacy has become a big issue. The European Union has also given warnings to several major websites that they can use the user and educate what data is being gathered about them. If you are concerned about your privacy and do not want to be tracked and do not want to leave your data trail then these two search engines can be very useful to you.

Font Changer: How to Change Font in Any Android?

font changer

Nowadays font changer is required for who want to change the font on his phone. Our Android phones have pre-installed fonts, but it does not necessarily mean that everyone likes the same fonts. Some people like to keep the beautiful fonts while keeping their personalities or styles senses while the rudeness is important for the rest of the people i.e. easy read fonts are more important.

Let’s start with how to change the fonts on any Android Phone

Steps to change Fonts on Your Android Phone

font changer  font changer font changer

  1. Go to the setting of your Android phone and click on the Display and Wallpaper.
  2. After that, you have to go with Font section in display and wallpaper
  3. In Font section, there are two more option is available which named as Font style and Font size
  4. When you click on font style then one more pop-up will open and will say to select the font which you want.

In that pop-up, you will see which fonts your phone is already installed.

How to Installed New Font changer on the Android phone


iFont is an app that lets you easily change the font of your Android. But before that, it was the one cons that it used to work only in the Devices of Samsung. But now the developers of the iFont have cleared that they will now be supported on all Android Devices.

Click to download iFont App: Download Font

  • First, download the iFont (Expert of Fonts) app through below given link.
  • you will see that lots of languages are present in it. You can also install different language fonts here. So just tap on the font name that you want to install.
  • When you click on the particular language font just tap on the download button. You will also see a preview of the font.
  • Now tap the set button. When you click on the Set button, that font will default
  • It will appear on your android font list immediately.


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