How to Setup Parental Control in Google Play

To keep your children safe, parental control is very important. Nowadays children are surrounded by technology. Some find new things in school and learn something from television or around themselves. Parents always try to do it by themselves that their children use the good application or knowledge-based application. Parents want their children to go online but they do not want their children to suffer any kind of harm. They are afraid of them, that their children are not seeing some content that is not good for their age. It is not possible to keep an eye on children all the time.

Children take the phone or tablet of their parents to find a chance to play their favorite games. The eyes of the parents have not changed, but the children begin to play games by fast-paced and open the game. But are these games right for their age? Is there anything wrong inside the game? Are there any ads in the middle of the game which can be detrimental to them?

There are many such questions in the minds of parents. So today, in this article we will learn how to apply parental control in Playstore and how to keep the PlayStore safe. You can use any android phone to control the play store for your kid.

Steps to Apply Parental Control in PlayStore

  • First, open the play store app and click on the upper side of the screen where three bars are situated. You have to down after that and click the option of the setting. If you scroll down, you will see a parental control option.

Parental Control                          Parental Control

  • In the parental control, I am going to tell you two things. At present, the parental control will be seen off you, you have to do it on.
  • Now you have to set a PIN number here. This is the pin which will be used only for the content. If someone trickles this parental control or if they try to change these settings then they have to type here the PIN you set. So do not share the set pins with your kids.
  • To set a PIN here you have to set the PIN of at least 4 digits. Keep in mind that when setting up a PIN, never set a simple pin that your child can easily be guessed.

Now you have to go further in Set Content Restrictions. In this below is one more option we have is an Apps & Games. When we go to Apps & Games option, In this you can choose which age of games and apps you have to show.

Parental control

parental control


If your child is adult or if you are using it for yourself, then you can select Rated for 18+. Suppose if your child is 7 or younger then you have to choose Rated for 7+. By choosing this, both options of 7 years or less will be automatically selected together. After doing this, you will not be shown any apps or games that are not of your child’s age.

Additional Advantage of Selecting Age Criteria

Now there is another advantage to setting up Age Criteria is that many times the advertisements appear in the middle of the game. If you keep the age restriction, the person who is advertising is also filtered and the advertisement shows by age.

One More Important Thing You Should Know

When you go to the parental control option, there is another option right below it, named Require Authentication for Purchases. When you click on it, it will show the default selected option of Never.

parental control       parental control

Actually, it happens when we give our phone to someone, and it has details of our credit card or details of other types, if there is something in the middle of the game such as bonuses or any cows or lifts Children do not understand so much, they buy them without thinking.

In such a situation, your credit card or your payment option will be deducted from the link. Therefore, if you do not want to make a payment from your device by mistake, then you have to select the first option called Require Authentication for all purchases through Google Play on this devices. That is, if anyone here wants to buy anything then they will need to be authentic.

parental control



In the end, we would like to say that it is not possible to call your children in the present day or to keep them away from technology. It is therefore prudent that you keep your phone in your hand control and train your children about such things. So that as soon as they grow up, they should also know what they are doing.


Manoj Prasad is the founder of Trendinwire. Manoj is interested in science and tech subject. He is also interested in learning new things. He wants to share whatever he learned with the world.