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Are you getting troubled to access Rarbg? Are finding some web portals or proxy site for downloading torrent files from Rarbg? If you want to access then, there are a lot of ways to unblock Rarbg website. However, you will get so many old and non-updated mirror or proxy list on different site.

But In this post, we are providing you with the legal and easiest ways to unblock Rarbg. We will list out some ultrafast and updated proxy/mirror site of Rarbg. Apart from those, we are also going to list the 10 best alternative websites of Rarbg that can help you to get more best features and services than original Rarbg.

How to Unblock Rarbg?

If you’re unable to access Rarbg site, then there are mainly three ways to unblock. If the original site is blocked in your region or countries or by your ISP, then you can easily unblock the block site by listed ways below.

  1. The very first way you can unblock Rrabg website by installing VPN services on your system. These VPN services help you to hide your identity and shield your internet activity. If you use the proxy/mirror site, then those sites are not secured. Therefore, if you want to use a proxy site, then I highly recommend you to use Express VPN or NordVPN for your system.
  2. The second method is to use the TOR Browser. Tor browser is a type of internet browser that anonymizes the internet traffic using the Tor network. In simple words, it makes it easy to protect your identity on the internet. So, using of Tor browser can also help you to unblock Rarbg easily.
  3. The third option is to using of Proxy website. Yes, its help you a lot to unblock your any website by using the proxy web. There a lot of free and paid web proxy sites on the internet and by using that web proxy, you can unblock the Rarbg too.

25+ Updated and Ultrafast Proxy/Mirror List For 2019

If you’re not able to access the original website of Rarbg.to, then you should check out of its mirror sites. These mirror sites are hosted in a different location. If you’re living on those locations where these sites are blocked yet, then you can easily access from there. I am going to list out these mirror sites in three variations (Ultrafast, Fast, Normal) which help you to understand which sites are better for you.

Rarbg Proxy/Mirror SiteSpeed

Warning! Before using below alternative sites or above proxy/mirror sites of Rarbg, must install NordVPN or ExpressVPN(Recommended) to Your System. These VPN services help you to hide your identity and shield your internet activity.

10 Similar Website Like Rarbg

1. 1337x

1337x is most visited torrent sites all over the world in a month. According to Similarweb, 1337x has more than 100 million users from countries like the USA, India, and Brazil. If I talk about torrent files, then 1337x has more than 3 million torrent files are listed. 1337x was founded in 2003 and it still provides the best features and services to its users. This website has a fantastic interface look, and it organizes the various categories like Movies, Games, Music, Apps, Application.  So, 1337x is my no.1 choice, for using of the torrent website instead of Rarbg.

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2. Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent currently not available in many countries because this site is down. You can access this site by its mirror sites or alternative sites from here. Kickass torrent was also a very famous torrent web portal in the year between 2015-2016. Therefore, this site can also be a great alternative site for you.

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3. Torrentz2

A very simple and clean interface torrent web portal that hosted millions of torrent files in its database. Torrentz2 launched in 2016, and it gets famous in a short time. More than 40 millions users come to this site and download torrent files from here. Therefore, it is also an excellent website like Rarbg.

4. The Pirate Bay

This website does not need to do an introduction. This site launched in 2003 and more than 3 million Torrent files are available in its database. More than 100 million users take advantage of the services and features of this website every month. In the Pirate Bay, you can easily download torrents in various categories like Movies, Music, Games, Applications. So, if you’re not able to find Rarbg, then this site can be a good alternative for you.

5. Limetorrent

Limetorrents is known for the biggest torrent files holder in its database. It has more than 10 million torrents links. It provides different categories of vice torrent such as Movies, Music, Games, Apps, etc. Limetorrents is currently banned in some countries. But you can still access this site if you use Express VPN in your system.

6. Zooqle

Zooqle looks a little bit confusing of its content organizing. This site was launched in 2013, and its support instant download. In the zooqle torrent, there are a 3,200,000+ number of torrents files, and they’re continuously updating its database. Zooqle features different types of content formate like TV Shows, Movies, Music, Games, Applications, Books.

7. Torrentdownload

At once time, Torrentdownload is used by millions of American users. But now, this torrent index site gains popularity from all over the world. The region behind of getting popular is that this site doesn’t offer fake or nonsense torrent index to their website. More than 15 millions users come to Torrentdownload. If I talk about its torrent index, then this site has more than 16 million files, and they update regularly. Therefore, Torrentdownload is another a better option instead of Rarbg.

8. TorLock

Torlock is a torrent indexing web portal which allows instant download of Movies and Tv shows content torrent files. This site is very serious about updating its server. They updated its database every hour. Torlock listed more than 4 million torrents in its database. It also supports instant download. So, in case if you can’t be able to use Rarbg, then Torlock will be a perfect alternative platform.

9. Yts.am

Yts.am is a little bit different from Rarbg. One best thing I like in this website is it looks like a premium platform, and also its interface is neat and clean. Yts.am is mainly focusing on movies only. This torrent platform is viral in India as well as in the USA. More than 120 million users come to this torrent sites. So, this is also an excellent option if you don’t like to use Rarbg.


EZTV.ag is not an old platform for downloading torrents. This website is launched recently and get famous in only a few months. Eztv.ag has a beautiful interface design, and you don’t get any annoying ads on the home page of its website. Its provide you instant download service. Therefore, Eztv.ag can also be a similar and perfect website like Rarbg.

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