Reset Gmail Password: Best Way to Reset Gmail Password

reset gmail password

All of us use email today, at a time when everybody used to send email using computer and laptop. So all of us used to check email every day or the week, because of which we remembered the password. But since the phone has come, we have to log in just about one after that we don’t have to log in again. So in this article, I will tell you my 2 best methods that how you can reset Gmail password if you have forgotten your password. So read this article till the end.

In this, I am going to show you my 2 best and easy working method to reset Gmail password. So let’s start with the 1st method to reset your forgotten Gmail password.

1. Reset Gmail Password Through Recovery E-mail

  • First, open your website to reset your password.
  • Enter your Gmail ID or phone no. and click on next.
  • You have to click on forgot password on option.

Now it will ask for your old password that you used to but if you didn’t remember that password then simply click on try a different question. Now there you will see your recovery email id. Now what you have to do the simple click on send.

  •  Go to your recovery email id and open that email which is sent by Gmail for reset Gmail password.
  • Now simply copy the 6 digit code from your recovery email and paste that code.
  • Click on Next.

Now you can set your new Gmail password in the create password box.

  • After entering your password click on change password.

Now your new password has been changed. Now you can add your recovery email and phone for future. So, guys, this was the 1st method to reset Gmail password.

Now let’s check 2nd method,

2. Reset Gmail Password Through Phone Number

  • To reset your password simply enter your email id or a phone number.
  • Click on next.
  • Now again click on Forgot Password.
  • Now again click on try a different question.
  • Select the first option to Send Text Message.
  • Enter that 6 digit code and click next.
  • Enter your new password and simply click on change password.
  • Click on Done.

Now if you added your recovery phone number at the time of creating your account then you will get a 6 digit code on your phone number. Once you click on next you can easily set a new password for your Gmail id. Now you can log in your Gmail account easily. This is how you can easily reset yours forgot Gmail password.

Final Verdict

Friends, some people would also like to know that if we have forgotten our recovery Gmail or my phone number, then You probably will not be able to reset your Gmail account. As Google has not yet given any other option that allows you to reset your account. I hope this article helps you to reset Gmail password for your account.


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