How to Reset Windows 10 Password (Best & Free Method)

Nowadays, everybody keeps a password on their computer or laptop to keep their important data secure. But in the world of this internet, we sometimes forget the password and therefore we can not access the computer again. So today, with the help of this article, I will tell you that how to reset windows 10 password of your computer or laptop easily and for free.

You will get too many software (for example, PCUnlocker) on the internet to reset computer password. Using that software you will simply reset your pc and laptop password. However, that software is paid and you have to pay some money for using that software. But in this article, I’ll show you that how you can easily reset your computer and laptop password without any paid software.

Now, to reset the password of the computer, you will need some essential things.

Important things to reset windows 10 password

  • To reset the computer password, you must have a Pendrive or a DVD player.
  • If you want to reset the password for Windows 10 then it is very important for you to have a Windows 10 setup and if you want to reset the password of Windows 8 then you will need to have Windows 8 setup.
  • To reset the password, you will have to make your Pendrive bootable so that you can easily reset your computer password. You may need a separate computer for this.

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Now. let’s know how you can reset your computer password

How to reset windows 10 password

1. Make your Pendrive Bootable

Before reset windows 10 password of your computer, you must make your Pendrive a bootable. Since making your Pendrive bootable, you can easily go to window setup. You will be able to reset your computer password easily after going to Windows Setup. So, first make your Pendrive bootable after that proceed your further step. If you don’t know how to make Pendrive bootable than click here.

2. Connect Bootable Pendrive with Computer and then Restart

how to reset windows 10 password


After making your Pendrive bootable, now connect that Pendrive with your computer system or laptop. After connecting Pendrive, now restart your computer system once and press F12 key. If your computer is already shut down, then after you turn on your computer, you have to press F12 from the computer immediately after the screen is turned on.

Notice: If you are using Pendrive then press F12 to boot and if you are using window CD then press any key to open window setup.

Now, as soon as you press F12, then after that you will reach the boot manager’s page. There you will find three options, from which you have to click on USB HDD.

3. Click on Next and After that Click on Repair Your Computer

how to reset windows 10 password

After clicking on the bone option, your window setup will open. After that click on the next button below and then select Repair Your Computer.

4. Click On Troubleshoot

how to reset windows 10 password

After clicking on troubleshoot, just tap on Advanced Option and after that click on Command Prompt.

5. Write Below command on your command prompt

Now enter the command given below carefully to your command prompt. Keep in mind that these commands are true. Your computer’s password may not be reset once a single command is wrong.


cd windows

cd system32

copy utilman.exe utilman1.exe

copy cmd.exe cmd1.exe

del utilman exerename cmd.exe utilman.exe


After entering exit, just turn off your computer and again restart.

6. Click on Access Button

After restarting the computer, there will be a symbol on your computer’s screen, which is the name of that symbol is ease of access. Just tap on that button. Now, as soon as you click on that button, once again a command prompt window will open.

7. Write Below command on Command Prompt

how to reset windows 10 password

Now in this command prompt, you have to write “control userpasswords” and press enter. After you enter, a new window will open where you can reset your computer password.

8. Reset Windows 10 password on this windowhow to reset windows 10 password   how to reset windows 10 password

Now, as soon as you click the reset password button, a small new window will open immediately. After that, you can set your new password over there.

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