27 Most Useful Excel Shortcut Keys

excel shortcut keys

In this article, we will learn about 21 most and useful excel shortcut keys. As you know keyboard shortcuts make our work very easy. We all want to do any work in the shortcut to finish our task. So I’m going to tell you some 21 very important Excel shortcut keys.

There are some shortcuts that are common in all software in the Ms. office, which you can use in Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. PowerPoint, etc. in the same way. But there are some shortcuts that are specially used only in Excel.

21 Most Useful Excel Shortcut Keys

1. CTRL+A (Select All Content of Your Sheet)

When you press the Ctrl+A button together, all data present in your Excel sheet will be selected together. After that, you can copy or delete those selected data. And if you want to bring all the selected data back to the same position, then you have to click on any one place somewhere in your excel sheet. This will delete your selected data.

2. CTRL+B (Bold Selected Text)

If you want to darken(Bold) the text inside a cell, then you have to press the Ctrl+B buttons together. When you select a text and press the Ctrl+B button together, then that text will get Bold. And if you want to re-assign that text again, select that text again and press Ctrl+B button.

3. CTRL+C and ctrl+v (Copy and Paste)

Both are very important excel shortcut keys. We use this shortcut quite a lot. It is also used in Excel to copy the text inside any cell and paste it somewhere else. To paste you have to press the Ctrl+V and the button together. While pressing the Ctrl+C button together to copy a text.

4. CTRL+D (Make Duplicate or Fill Down)

This excel shortcut keys are used for making any text duplicate or fill down. When you type a text on any cell and then when you select that text and press Ctrl+D button together on any other cell then that text will appear on that cell. This is called fill down or duplicate in the excel sheet.

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5. CTRL+F (Find data on the Sheet)

This shortcut is used to find any other text present in the excel sheet. Suppose you have to find any text within excel sheet, for that first you have to click on any other blank cell. After that, you have to press the Ctrl+F button together. Now a dialogue box will open in front of you. Now you can find any text on that dialogue box by searching for any keyword.

6. CTRL+G (Search cell on the Sheet)

If you have lots of content in your sheet and you want to find a specific cell then you can search that cell using the control and the G button. Now click anywhere on your sheet and then press Ctrl+G buttons together. After this, a dialogue box will open in front of you. In that dialog box, you will see a reference field. Enter the address of the cell which you want to search and press ok button.

7. CTRL+H (Replace Data Inside the Cell)

This button is used to replace the data inside an Excel cell. For this, first, click on the cell in which you want to replace the data, and then press the Ctrl+H button simultaneously. As soon as you press both of the buttons, a drop box will open in front of you. From there, you can replace your text or data. After replacing of data, Click on Next button and then click on the replace button.

8. CTRL+I (Make Italic Text)

This excel shortcut keys are used to convert any text to italic. For this, you have to select any text and then press Ctrl+I button together. And if you have to do that again in the Normal of the text then for that you have to select the same text again and press the Ctrl+I button together.

9. CTRL+K (Create Hyperlink)

It is used to link files from one file to another. We can also call it to hyperlink. To create a hyperlink, first you have to select the text inside any cell and then you have to press the Ctrl+K button together. Once you select that cell and press Ctrl+K button, a dialog box will open in front of you. It will contain other files present on your computer. You can link any file you want to link to the text of your cell here.

10. CTRL+L/T (Make Table of Excel Sheet)

If you have a lot of content in your Excel sheet and you want all the content to be enclosed in a table, then you can do this job with the help of a shortcut key called Ctrl+L or Ctrl+T. For this, first of all, you have to select the range from all the contents of your cell and then you have to press Ctrl + L or Ctrl+T. As you use this shortcut key, all of your content will be converted into a table.

11. CTRL+N (Create a New Excel Sheet)

When we create a new sheet in Excel then it is called a worksheet. You can use a shortcut key which is Ctrl+N to create a new worksheet. To create a new Excel worksheet, you just have to use the Ctrl+N button. After that, a new worksheet will open.

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12. CTRL+O (Open Your Saved WorkBook)

This excel shortcut keys will help you to open your already saved workbook on your computer. If you have any other saved excel workbook on your computer then you can directly open that workbook by pressing the Ctrl+O button together. After pressing that shortcut key, a dialogue box will open in front of you. On that dialogue box, you will see document

13. CTRL+P (Print Your WorkSheet)

If you want to take the printout of your excel sheet then you can do this by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl+P. As soon as you press the Ctrl+P, a print preview will open in front of you. Now if you want to cancel this then you can Esc button.

14. CTRL+R ( Fill Text Next to Right Cell)

The way in which we saw in Control+D, the control+R is also there. The difference in it makes the text fill in the right side of the cell. You don’t need to copy paste in it. You can directly press the control+R button and fill in the right side of the cell.

15. CTRL+S (Save the Open Worksheet)

CTRL+S is used to save the worksheet. When you save the worksheet for the first time, it will ask you to name the worksheet. But after that, it will not require. When you use this shortcut key, you will not require to save the file into going to menu section.

16. CTRL+U (Make Underline)

If you want to get a lower underline of any text, you can use the Ctrl+U button. And if you want to remove the underline, you can also use the shortcut key Ctrl+U button.

17. CTRL+W ( It Will Close Your Open Worksheet)

This is a very important and useful excel shortcut keys. If you are working on any worksheet or you are working on multiple worksheets, you do not need to click on the cross sign repeatedly to close a worksheet. You can close a worksheet by pressing the Ctrl+W button. By using this excel shortcut keys can save you a lot of time.

18. CTRL+X (Cut and Paste)

As we know we know that a shortcut is used to cut any text and that is the Ctrl+X. Using Ctrl+X, you can cut any text of your Excel sheet and if you want to paste it in some other place, then you have to use the control+V button.

19. CTRL+Y and CTRL+Z ( Redo and Undo)

This two Excel shortcut keys can also be very important to you. It is used quite common and everywhere. When you are performing an operation and want to delete the same operation again, you can use the Ctrl+Z button for that. And to bring that operation back to the same condition you can use the Ctrl+Y button.

20. CTRL+F1 (Hide and Show the Excel Ribbon)

Using this keyword, you can hide or show all the different options given below to the menu of Excel’s Sheet. For this, you just have to press the Ctrl+F1 button. As soon as you use this button, all options given under your Excel menu will be hidden. And if you want to redo all those options again, then click on the menu option twice. With this, all of your Excel options will start to show again.

21. CTRL+F2 ( Print WorkSheet)

These Excel shortcut keys are also used to print an excel sheet. You can do both control+F2 and Ctrl+P to print a worksheet.

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22. CTRL+F3 (Open Excel Name Manager)

This excel shortcut will help you to open the name manager window. This name manager will help you to name the particular cells and use that cell for manipulating any value on that cells. You can name more that one cell and use those cells for calculating the value of those cells.

23. CTRL+F4 ( Close the Program)

This excel shortcut key also helps you to close the current workbook. You can use both CTRL+W and CTRL+F4 for closing the current workbook which you’re working right now. Now if you’re want to open that workbook then you can use jump program.

24. CTRL+F6 ( Switch one Workbook to Another Workbook)

If you’re working on multiple workbooks at one time and you’re getting trouble for switching one workbook to another then you can use CTRL+F6 shortcut key. Yes, this shortcut keys help you for switching you one program to another.

25. CTRL+F9 and CTRL+F10 (Minimize and Maximize Your Current Workbook)

If you want to minimize you workbook then CTRL+F9 shortcut key help you for that. And again if you want to maximize that workbook then you can use CTRL+F10 shortcut key.

26. F2 (Edit Selected Cell)

Whatever cell you have selected, and if you have to edit it, then we usually double click on the cell and then edit it. But better than that, just go to that cell and press F2 button and then start editing.

27. F4 (Repeat Last Edit)

With this Excel Shortcut keys, you can repeat the last editing. This means that you have made changes of numbers in a cell and editing the fonts bigger. Now you have to do the same editing in any other cell. So in order to do the same editing, you will have to change the font of that number and edit it again. So better than that you can save your time by pressing the button of Directly F4.




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