VipLeague: Top 10 Alternatives For Streaming Live Sports in 2019


Vipleague is one of the most popular and highly rated sites across the whole world. It lets you to stream a lot of sports for free in a high-quality. But in some country or region, a lot of people have complained that they can’t be able to access Vipleague website.

I also checked by using VPN services and found that in some countries, this website is not working or banned as per their government rules and regulations. But you don’t have to worry about this.

We researched and collect 10 super alternatives platform just like the Vipleague that also allows you to stream various types of sports games through your smartphone or laptop. These 10 similar website is far better than Vipleague and I am sure that these websites will not be banned in your country.

If you can’t be able to access some of below sites then try another platform for the streaming latest sports event. So now let’s move to the list.

Top 10 Alternatives For Streaming Live Sports in 2019


1. SportsStream – One of the top-rated alternative site of VipLeague that lets you stream several types of sports. In the SportsStream, you don’t have to create an account or pay for any subscription money. It’s completely free and user-friendly live sports streaming platform for the different sports lover. If you can’t access SportsStream in your country, then Install ExpressVPN in your system and enjoy your live streamings.

2. FromHot – FromHot is also very popular and free website for watching live sports games or events. As Vipleague, FromHot also provides streaming services of different sports games. It has a very fast streaming server and can see live sports games from several countries.

3. 12thPlayer – 12thplayer is newly launched sports streaming website. You can catch live streaming by browsing its top menu. As Vipleague, they categories their streaming content such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Rugby, Handball, Tennis, etc. It is a new site but it completes your all requirement that you need.

4. ESPN – Everyone knows that how ESPN is popular across all countries. ESPN is a highly recommended platform if you need to know the score and news of different games. it also gives you the latest clips of ongoing sports events. Therefore, if you like to browse sites like Vipleague, then ESPN can help you a lot for that.

5. WizWig1 – If you’re not able to browse Vipleague in your country, then WizWig1 is a really awesome platform for streaming live sports events. WizWig provides many other services like WizWig Radio and Live Tv. The interface of WizWig1 looks very beautiful and you can enjoy so many sports live here.

6. Stream2watch – This is the only site that they have organized their categories in a very well manner. I love its user interface design and advance search option. Around 5 millions people come to this particular site for streaming their favorite sports. You can watch around all top sports live from here. You may have to create a free account for streaming high-quality videos here.

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7. – This is one of the highly visiting sports streaming in Europian countries like France, Germany, Spain. Around 30 million massive visitors come for streaming their favorite sports at every month. They have a lot of features and services are providing to their users. The browsing experience is also very impressive. Therefore, Instead of Vipleague, also would be a great alternative.

8. Laola1 TV – It is an Austrian based online sports news site but most of the visitors come from Germany, Italy, and the UK. Laola1 TV is one of the legal platforms that let you stream the latest various sports events. They featured a lot of sports games on their home page. They also list the remaining time for live streaming of sports.

9. FirstRawSports – FirstRawSports is a viral web portal for providing live streaming of Football, Baseball, Basketball, Rugby, Ice hockey and many more. This site is very popular in the United States. This site offers different streaming link if selected links are not worked. Also, you don’t have to register here for watching videos.

10. Cricfree – Cricfree is the best similar website like Vipleague. This website provides almost all sports streaming that Vipleague offers to its visitors. Cricfree is a well-known platform for streaming different types of sports game on their Site.

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