If you are a regular user of the Internet and download the files in the regular time from the Internet, then you must also have downloaded such files as ZIP and RAR. But you will be among the people who do not know what are Zip and RAR files? How do I open and create this? So today I will answer all these questions through this article in all the details. So if you want to know what are Zip and Rar files and how can we open and create it, then read this article to the last.

What are Zip And Rar Files?

ZIP and RAR files are files that have .zip and .rar extensions. It can also be called a kind of archive file, which means that you have to store a lot of files inside into a single file. Keeping a lot of different files into one file is called Zip and Rar File.

Let’s understand with an example

Suppose, you want to send 10 files containing a long-sized data one by one, then you may need a lot of time and data to send it, as well as the Receiver will also need the same amount of time and data to receive or download those files. But if the same 10 pieces are collected and converted into a single file, then it will reduce your time and data cost.

Difference Between Zip File and Rar File

RAR File FormatZIP File Format
Data compression in RAR file format is goodData compression is average in ZIP file format
RAR requires an extra software called WinRAR which is available for commercial only.ZIP is generic because almost every operating systems support built in.
.rar, .rev .r00, .r01 are extension of RAR files formatextension like .zip and .zipx are called zip files format extension
1993 is initial release year of RAR files format.The Initial release of ZIP files is 1989.
Open is less in Rar file format.More Open in Zip format.

How to Open .Zip and .Rar Files on Windows

1. If you have any .rar file or any .zip file then it is very easy to open it. For open those files you will require an extra software called WinRar. I already have given the software download link to below. If you want to download through the website then you can visit on www.rarlab.com.

After installing software on your computer system just right click on your file and click on click on extract here or extract files or open with Winrar. You can choose any of the three option to open it. After choosing any of the three options your files will get extracted and saved on your desktop.

So here are simple steps of above

  • Download Winrar software and install on your computer.
  • Go to your file and click on right button.what are zip and rar files
  • Choose any of the three option extracts here, extract files, open with Winrar.

How to Create Zip and Rar Files on Computer

1. Download Winrar Software

To open or create a ZIP and RAR file, you will need to download a much-needed software called Winrar. After downloading, you will have to install this software on your computer system. This software is designed for Windows computers, which is used to create or open ZIP and RAR files.

Download 32 Bit

Download 64 Bit

2. Select Your all Files and click on Right Button

After installing Winrar software, you have to select all those files that you want to create in ZIP or RAR format. After selecting, you have to right-click your mouse and click on the Add to Archive.

Now if you want to create your files in zip format then simply select your all files >> right click on your mouse button >> click on send to >> compressed (zipped). what are zip and rar files

Note: There is no need to download any software to convert files to zip format because it is already preinstalled on Windows system. But if you want to convert all files into RAR format then you need to install WinRar software.

3. Select your Archive Format

When you click on the Add to Archive, after that a new small window will open, in which you have to give the name of the archive file and select the format of those files in ZIP or RAR.what are zip and rar files

  • Name your Archive files
  • Choose Archive Format
  • Click on Ok button

Here, you can also choose the option for creating in ZIP format of your all files. After choosing the format of your files, just click on ok button. After doing this, all your files will be converted to ZIP or RAR.

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So in this way you can open or create RAR or ZIP files. Rar and zip files are very useful in sparing your time and data. I hope you have come to know now what are ZIP and RAR files? What’s the difference? How are they opened? And how are they made?

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