What is Call Barring? How to Use Call Barring on Your Phone

what is call barring

In this article, I’ll discuss what is call barring? So, Are you bothered by unusable phone calls? Or is your friend or someone else who bothers you by calling a joke? Sometimes it will happen that someone calls your phone secretly and calls it anywhere without your permission. In such a situation, the idea will come to your mind that only I can raise all the calls on my phone and only I can call anyone on my phone. So all this work you can easily do with the help of call barring.

So, now let’s talk about what is call barring and how you can use it on your Android or in iPhone

What is Call Barring?

Call baring means to stop any incoming or outgoing calls manually. It has a feature that allows you to stop any incoming or outgoing calls on your phone manually. Call blocking is not downloaded from anywhere. This is the inbuilt feature of your phone. It is present in your call settings.

If you want to block outgoing calls from your mobile or you do not want to make any international calls from your phone then such phone calls can be easily done with the help of call blocking features.

Specific features of Call Blocking are given below

  • You can block all outgoing calls on the mobile.
  • All outgoing international calls can be blocked in mobile.
  • Can block all incoming calls.
  • Can block calls while roaming.

Now, let’s see how we can use call barring features on our phone.

How to Use Call Barring on Phone

1. Open Call Setting on Your Phone

what is call barring To use the Call blocking feature and activate it, first, you have to go to the call settings of the phone. If you are an Android user, you can go to call settings using direct call log and you can use the call barring option from there. And if you’re iPhone or any other user, you have to go to call settings within settings.


2. Click on More/Advanced Setting Option

what is call barringIf you want to go into the call barring option from Direct Settings, then you can get call barring in settings only. But if you do not see the option of calling barring in settings, then you can switch to More Settings or Advanced Settings. Out of these two, you will get a call barring feature.

3. Now click on Call Barring Option and On it

what is call barring

You get the call barring option after going to call settings. There you will find many options like all outgoing calls, international calls, etc. Now you can use whatever option you want to use.

4. Choose any of the Option and Enter the Password

what is call barring    what is call barring

Now, you can select any option you want to use. As soon as you start an option, you will ask to enter the password. So, here all passwords are almost the same. Generally, all passwords are by default in the form of 1234 or in 123. So, after selecting one of the options, add 123 or 1234 and click on OK button.

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So this way you can easily access the call blocking feature. This is a great feature so you can get rid of any unusual incoming or outgoing calls.

Keep in mind that you will find many websites on the internet that tell you the call blocking passwords differently. But I have researched a lot on this and find that default password which is 123 or 1234.

So you have now come to know what is call barring and how can we use it on our phone? If you get this post useful, then definitely share it with your friends.

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