What is Call Forwarding? Divert your Call When you are in Busy or Unreachable

what is call forwarding

In today’s time, everyone has a mobile phone. But not all people know about their given features. Within the mobile, there are some settings or features that most people do not know. So today I will talk about a feature which is called Call Forwarding and Call Divert.
So if you want to know what is call forwarding and how you can use it in your phone, then read this article till the end.

Call forwarding is a very useful feature that lets you find all kinds of phones, whether it’s a smartphone or a basic phone. With this, you can easily divert your phone calls to another phone. So, let’s see what is call forwarding and the way are you able to use it in your phone?

What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a feature that lets you easily transfer any type of call you have received to another number easily. We call it for calling forwarding or call diverting.

With this help, if your phone is ever busy or you are out of touch with a contact area, then you can transfer your phone call to another number.

In addition, if you have two phone phones and you want all your calls to come in your other phone then you can easily use the Call Forwarding feature and divert your call to a different phone.

Call forwarding is quite easy and fun to do. So let us know what is the benefit of using it.

Uses of Call Forwarding

  • You can use Call Forwarding to transfer a phone call to another phone.
  • If you are always on busy then you can easily transfer that phone call to another phone.
  • If you have moved to a place where the network’s problem is too high or you are out of the coverage area, then you can use the Call Forwarding feature.

Important Notice: If you are thinking that you will not have to pay any charges because of your call forward then you are wrong. One thing you should know about call forwarding is that if you use call forwarding, then for this, you will be charged for a call charge that you find on the regular basis. The rate of all your calls is also the same.

So, we knew that what is call forwarding and its important uses. Now, let’s know how you can use in your phone.

How to apply Call Forwarding on your phone

1. Go to call setting on your phone

what is call forwarding

If you use a smartphone, you can go directly to your call log option and apply for call forwarding. But if you are using a feature phone, then you have to go to the phone’s settings first and then go to call settings. After going to call setting you will get call forwarding option.

2. Tap on More/ Advanced Option

what is call forwarding

Now if you are an Android user, then you will find Call Forwarding option in More setting or Advance settings. But if you are a feature phone user, you have to go in the phone setting and after that go to call settings. You will get call forwarding option within the call setting. And now you have to click on that call forwarding option.

3. Click on Call Forwarding and Select your Phone Number

what is call forwarding        what is call forwarding

After clicking on Advanced or More setting, you have to click on call forward option. After that, you have to select your preferred phone number on which phone number you want to divert your call. At a time you can able to select only one number. You can’t use both numbers on your phone if you have dual sim card phone. So, select your preferred phone number.

4. Now, Select your option that on which condition you want to forward your call

what is call forwarding   what is call forwarding

Now there you will see some 4-5 options. Out of those options, you have to select one of the options. After selecting, a box will open in front of you, in which you have to enter the number where you want to forward the call and then click on its enabled or OK button.

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So, in this way, you can easily set up call forwarding in your phone. This will help you a lot while you’re in busy or in unreachable. If you are facing network problem, just forward your all call to the second phone easily.

Now, I’m sure that you definitely know what is call forwarding and how it works in the phone. If you think this is useful then definitely share with others who are in the same problem.




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