What is Root? Pros & Cons of Rooting Mobile Phone

what is root

What is Root? Have you ever heard of Root of Mobile Phone? In this article, we learn about what is root and Pros and Cons of the root. We all know that  Android is an awesome operating system designed by Google. In Android, you get lots of fun features and more. But there are also some limitations in Android such as you can not delete any system apps, manipulate any given features, etc. But if you root your phone then you can easily do it. You can make changes in its many features.

what is root

But forcibly rooting the mobile does not happen on behalf of Android, because it changes a lot of things in your mobile which is not Android Operating System Responsible. Root has many different disadvantages and benefits too. Before knowing the pros and cons of mobile rooting, let us know what is Root?

What is Root?

When we take a new phone, there is a lot of restricting in it, which we can not make any changes even if we want to. But if you break the restraints of all Android operating systems, then you call it routing if you change your mobile phone.

what is root

Rooting makes you a lot of changes in mobile and it becomes quite different according to the first. After rooting your phone, you can do whatever you want with your mobile phone. For example, if you want to upgrade your phone version, you can easily do this with the help of custom roms, or you can easily delete the Prestley Apes on your phone.

But Root can cause you more harm than profit. Because this changes a lot of your phone, which is against the Android operating system and Android never allows you to route the phone. So if you want to root your phone, then take this risk yourself, because if you root your phone once, its warranty, as well as this phone service help, also ends.


Cons of Root

  • Rooting may damage your phone’s battery.
  • If you have taken a new phone and the warranty for that phone is still there, then you may lose the warranty of your phone if you are rooted.
  • Rooting may cause the phone to be dead. The phone’s dead is also meant to be brick. Once the phone is dead or brick, the phone will not be restarted and the logo will only appear in it.
  • Once you have rooted the phone, your phone’s security may be broken, so that your phone can be easily accessed by any third-party app i.e. can be hacked.

Pros of Root

  • If you root your mobile phone then you can easily extend the version of your phone through custom ROMs. That is, if you have version 5.1, you can easily do it in 6.1 with the help of custom ROMs.
  • As we told you that with the help of Root you can change many features of your phone, in the same way, you can also change the inbuilt font style of your phone and put the font style of your mind choice.
  • Easy to delete apps (System Apps) that are already installed in mobile.
  • You can run rooted apps on your phone easily.


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We just saw what is Root? And we also learned what its advantages and what its harm can be. So if you want to root your phone, then you can do it only at your own risk. And if it’s my advice, then I would say that you do not root your phone, that’s better. The Android operating system gives us great services to enjoy your phone. Therefore, it will be better if it does not break the restriction given.

Hope you have read this post and you must have understood a lot about the root. If you find this post useful and informative post, then definitely share it with others.

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