What is Screen Overlay? And How to Fix It?

what is screen overlay

Do you know what is screen overlay and why it comes on your phone? In today’s time, almost every person uses mobile. Without a mobile phone, there is no work in today’s time. Whenever we want to find some information, we immediately search Google on the phone. Or if we are in a good place, then immediately turn the phone on the phone and take photos. The mobile phone has made life easier for the human.

Mobile is growing rapidly in the world. That’s because it has apps that help us to do our work easily. But many times when we install these apps on your mobile and give some permission while installing it, sometimes some messages are shows to us, whose name is “Screen Overlay Detected“.

Reason for having the screen overlay in mobile

The screen overlay is a very troubling problem. The reason for this is because when we give permission to an app, again and again, the screen overlay error shows. A message is also written with that is “to change this permission setting, please turn off screen overlay from setting>apps“.

A lot of people follow this step and try to make this mistake but they fail. Therefore, before solving any problem, it is very important for us to know that why this problem came from and why did it come? In the same way, before fixing the screen overlay error, it is very important to know that what is screen overlay and why and when it comes to the phone.

What is Screen overlay?

what is screen overlay
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The screen overlay is a part of the mobile app or is a feature that lets you screen the second app screen on top of an app on your mobile screen. This means that the second mobile app screening or walking on top of a mobile app is called a screen overlay.

what is screen overlay

If you do not understand yet, then let’s understand with an example.

Suppose you are talking in a message with a friend in Whatsapp and suddenly someone else’s message comes to your Facebook Messenger. So Messenger goes over the screen of a small icon on Whatsapp, which means that the overlay is done. So we can call it a screen overlay.

Now let’s follow the steps to stop screen overlay detected the error on the mobile phone.

How to Fix Screen Overlay Problem?

1. Go to the mobile settings and click on the application: 

To fix the screen overlay, first, you have to go to the settings of your phone and then click on the application’s option.

what is screen overlay  what is screen overlay

2. Click on More and then click on apps that can appear on the top.

After that, you have to click on the application manager. You will find all the apps in the application manager, which is installed on your phone. Then there will be another option above which you have to click on it is more and than click on apps that can appear.

what is screen overlay  what is screen overlay

Guy’s, If you do not see the “apps that can appear on the top”,  then you can get the option of the display over the apps.

3. Now turn off all options and close all tab.

After that here you will find many apps that are installed before you. The option that is in front of it is already turned on, so just turn off it. After that, you have to close all the tabs on your phone.

what is screen overlay   what is screen overlay

Note: All these options may be different in some people’s phones. So follow these steps to complete the process. Application ⇒ Advanced ⇒ Special app access ⇒ Display over other apps. After that, click on all the apps and turn it off or close all.

4. Now permit mobile app.

what is screen overlay   what is screen overlay

After closing all the tabs, you have to go back to the phone’s settings and click on the application. Now, you have to select the app that shows the problem of the screen overlay. After making the selection, click on Force Stop and tap permissions as you want to permit.


So after following all these steps, the problem that was being shown in your mobile apps will stop showing permissions now. Even if the message of the screen overlay is going on, then restart the phone once and follow these steps again. Doing this will make your mobile screen overlay problem solvable. So I think you understood what is screen overlay and how to fix it.


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